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Key info for users and decision makers for Xerox DocuShare and ABBYY recognition products.

DocuShare Drive 1.5 is available now.

What's New ...

  • Web checkout. DocuShare Drive integrates with Microsoft Internet Explorer. A file checked out in IE retains connection with the DocuShare server. Changes you make are automatically saved back to the file on the server as a new version.
  • Improved bulk upload. DocuShare Drive refreshes the file listing faster in Windows Explorer, thus, improving the overall upload speed. DocuShare Drive also adds the High-Speed Copy menu command. It uploads up to four files simultaneously to speed up the upload.
  • Maintenance fixes. The new release addresses customer support issues from Release 1.0. Contact us for a detailed listing of the addressed issues. 

Download this and read the release notes from the Xerox DocuShare Downloads page.

DocuShare Windows Client update is also available

This update addresses a possible security vulnerability ...

  • Enhances protection against remote code execution by removing unused API (not very specific, are they?)
  • Buffer overrun protection enhancement

Download this and read the release notes from the DocuShare User Group site.  Create your own user account if you don't already have one.

ABBYY FlexiCapture 11 R4 is now available

Most of the new features pertain specifically to the FlexiCapture for Invoices edition:

  • Support for Canadian, Australian and New Zealand invoices
  • Improved Vendor and Business Unit search algorithm
  • GL-coding
  • Improved line item capture
  • Export to Microsoft SharePoint 365
  • And more ...

Get the release notes from ABBYY's download page for FlexiCapture.

Streamline Your Invoice Processing - a Complete Solution from Xerox and ABBYY (and Criteria First)

This is timely.  Xerox and ABBYY are co-hosting a webinar this Thursday Oct 15, 2015, so use the following link to review and sign up.

Webinar signup

We urge you to have a look at this and keep in mind that what Xerox and ABBYY show you, we can also deliver and save you a significant amount of money (and probably time).  We are VARs and integrators for both companies, but we have limited time and resources for marketing and webinars, so I want to encourage you to sign up for this event.  An old friend of mine is a facilitator for this event and told me that by the end of the first day they'd signed up seventy people to this event.  I'd imagine they may have to repeat this webinar, but sign up while you can.

ABBYY Recognition Server's handling of already searchable PDFs

Is it possible to process only PDFs that aren’t already searchable?  Yes, there is.

If you choose to overwrite existing PDF files then technically you are replacing it with the searchable PDF.  With the default setting it will replace all PDFs, even the ones already having searchable text.  In this case, it will process PDFs even if they are already searchable whether they are emitted by a driver from an application or if they've been previously OCR'd.  If you don't want that behavior, you need to enable "Do not modify files with high-quality text layer" option on the same page.  This will only OCR image-only PDFs and accrue the page count against your license accordingly.  PDFs with a text layer already will be ignored and no page count will be taken.

Here’s the Format Settings tab within the Output Format Settings main tab for the workflow.  Select the "Preserve source PDF" option and check the box for "Do not modify files with high-quality text layer".  Recognition Server will check to see if the document's searchability appear accurate.  If not, it OCRs the document and replaces the searchable content.  The other option for "Modify text layer only" tells Recognition Server to leave the image alone when making the document searchable. 

Output Format Settings to preserve original PDF and detect the need for recognition

This should work in all environments, not just SharePoint.  Recognition Server keeps track of documents already processed to avoid reprocessing them.  For more information, see our RS4 page at CriteriaFirstWare.

ABBYY warnings for when your license is running low

The latest releases of ABBYY FlexiCapture and Recognition Server allow administrators to notify themselves and others when you're running low on your page count.  This works whether you have a Pages Per Year (PPY) or Total Page Count (TPC) license.  This can be especially helpful toward the end of the year for those with PPY licenses.  Once you run out of pages you either have to upgrade to a higher capacity license or wait until January 1st to continue processing documents.  Your other option is to purchase a TPC license to tide you over until January 1st.  Whatever you have left over can be used toward the end of the following year.  It's like having a spare tank of gas.

Here's how this appears in FlexiCapture Distributed edition's browser-based Administrative and Monitoring Station.

Select a subscriber (email recipient) to be notified when the event is triggered.

For Recognition Server 4, you must be on the latest release - Build  You'll then be able to see the following options in the properties of the server...

Scanner of the month: Canon imageFORMULA DR-G1130

The Canon imageFORMULA DR-G1130 production scanner provides businesses with a high performance, reliable, and flexible scanning solution to help enhance any document management system.  For more information, go to our Scanner of the month sale page.  (If you're coming at this newsletter late, the scanner will be different.)

Currently discounted items

We work with a syndicated reseller of ABBYY products that gives us access to discounts they work out with ABBYY USA which allows us to present several of ABBYY's retail products with steep discounts.  The sales are generally one to three weeks in duration, so if you're interested in FineReader for Windows or Mac, PDF Transformer+, Screenshot Reader, or various bundled deals, keep an eye on our On Sale page.


If you're looking for a new scanner, be sure to shop with us for really good prices and the best side-by-side comparison page anywhere.  You'll find this and our unique application enablers for DocuShare and ABBYY products on our CriteriaFirstWare site.

If you're looking for a new scanner, be sure to shop with us for really good prices and the best side-by-side comparison page anywhere.  You'll find this and our unique application enablers for DocuShare and ABBYY products on our CriteriaFirstWare site.