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Kudos - Compliments to Criteria First from Customers and Partners

We haven't been very good at repeating all the nice things our customers say about us, but that should change.  We get a lot of good feedback via email and on the phone, so here are a few things we thought bear repeating.

Tuesday, 10-01-2013
"I just want to say again, thank you so much for your and Russell's help with our DocuShare project, it is so refreshing to work with a friendly, prompt vendor for a change! :-)"
Travis Kensil, Network Administrator of NTB, Inc.

Wednesday, 09-18-2013
"Doug and Russell, as always it is a pleasure to work with you both and I look forward to uncovering any way to make DEKRA Easy Scan a world class product!"
Scott Ward, IT Manager / Programmer of DEKRA Insight, Inc.

Tuesday, 10-01-2013
"Looks like we are there - Gentlemen, you are awesome!"
Scott Ward, IT Manager / Programmer of DEKRA Insight, Inc.

Monday, June 19, 2017
"Wow.  That's neat.  I'll use your sheet for the future.  I am very impressed with ABBYY and how you have set this up.  Excellent program, and once the data entry group gets 'in the groove', this will go great."
Eric Lundquist, Owner of Document Reprocessors of New York

Thursday, June 22, 2017
"I’ve worked with several outside vendors, and y’all are the best."
Joseph Slayden, Project Specialist with ABSG ICS