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Your Personal Trashcan

I'd never really looked into this very closely, but I have customers using this feature.  When a user deletes something it goes to the Admin Home > Content Management > Trashcan Contents area AND shows up in the users' My DocuShare Personal Trashcan.  A user can Expunge (delete with further means of recovery) or Recover the document or other object.  When recovering, the object should remember where it had been deleted and return there.  If the containing object (e.g. collection of documents) no longer exists, it may prompt you for a new location.

The Trashcan Properties let you determine how long trash remains before it is marked as expired - typically 30 to 60 days.  Think of this as your first level of backup and restore for DocuShare.  It's possible to put in place a script that can be scheduled to run once a week or month to delete the expired trash.  This is typically a Windows batch file with the command "dstrashcan -q expunge" that runs from the bin directory on the server.  If it runs it once a month then expired documents could exist from 31 to ~ 60 days before they're expired.  Increase the trashcan setting's Expiration Period if you want to retain them longer.

To view your Personal Trashcan contents, click on the blue triangle to open this section if the Show option isn't appearing.  Indicate what types of objects you want to show such as documents or collection or a calendar event or All.  You then page through the listing and check the object(s) you want to restore and use the Action menu to select Restore.  You can also Expunge documents you know you'll never need again.  This clears it from both the Personal Trashcan and the Admin Home Trashcan.  There's not an option to list only Expired content in the Personal Trashcan.

Operator Efficiency Reports in FlexiCapture Distributed

When someone's doing a really good job, you want to know about it, don't you?  Conversely, if someone is struggling, or worse - not trying very hard - you want to see evidence of that as well.  ABBYY FlexiCapture Distributed's web-based Administration and Monitoring Console can provide you with this insight.  There's a General Operators Report that lets you specify a date range for one or all projects and one or all operators and focus on specific stages of processing, such as Verification.  This is the stage in which operators are generally most involved and are subject to monitoring.  The report will show the total time each operator has spent in verification and indicate their average pages per minute rate.  You may also want to generate a Workstations Report that indicated documents per minute.  These rates can vary significantly from one project to another due to the complexity of the documents, so reporting on each project may be called for. 

General Operators Report

This report will show ...



  • Completed

  • Postponed

  • Exceptions


  • Pages

  • Documents


  • Fields

  • Symbols

Corrected Errors


DocuShare changes ahead for Windows users

If you're reading my newsletters you've seen a new features listing for DocuShare 7 which is available now for you to upgrade to while you're under contract.  I urge you to review my Criteria First November 2015 article on this and then we can discuss demonstrating it for you.

There is another factor I want to bring to your attention.  The DocuShare Windows Client with integration for MS Office and Outlook is being phased out and won't be available for Windows 8 or 10.  The DocuShare Drive works on Windows 7 and 8 and provides MS Office integration, but none for Outlook.  I anticipate that DocuShare Drive will be upgraded at some point for Windows 10.  The key advantage of DocuShare Drive is that it works very well with all Windows applications whereas the DocuShare Client worked well with MS Office and a few other applications.  DocuShare Drive also allows you to write simple batch files for copying and moving files between your PC and DocuShare rather than having to use DocuShare scripts with the DocuShare Windows Client which requires some studying to perform the way you want.

DocuShare 7's new browser interface can sense when you drag one or more documents or folders over it and prompts you for either a simple upload or one in which you want to add metadata before uploading.  It works very well, but provides no MS Office integration.  You can use this in conjunction with the DocuShare Drive for greater overall convenience.  Because the Outlook integration is being phased out, look to your Email Agent feature to replace it.  I was never a big user of the Outlook functionality, but I use the Email Agent every day.  It allows you to send email with attachments or just the attachments to a specific DocuShare collection.  It's easy to set up and use, but it's not an obvious feature.  You have to tell people about it.  The setup instructions are in DocuShare Help for administrators to read.  Here's an article I've written on its use.  

DocuShare Email Agent Usage Guidelines


Would you want this?

I'm considering developing several new tools including one to sync documents between local folders on your PC to matching collections in DocuShare.  This would give you the convenience of the dumbed-down cloud storage services with all the added benefits of a mature document management system.  I need to know if this interests you.


Now hiring

We're accepting resumes for a Solutions Developer.  If you know of anyone looking for the kind of work we deliver, especially if they're in the North Texas area, please ask them to send their resume to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Currently discounted items

We work with a syndicated reseller of ABBYY products that gives us access to discounts they work out with ABBYY USA which allows us to present several of ABBYY's retail products with steep discounts.  The sales are generally one to three weeks in duration, so if you're interested in FineReader for Windows or Mac, PDF Transformer+, Screenshot Reader, or various bundled deals, keep an eye on our On Sale page.


Scanner of the Month: Xerox DocuMate 4799

Xerox has been getting high marks for their DocuMate scanners.  This model scans at up to 90 ppm simplex and 180 ipm duplex with a generous 250 sheet document feeder.   It can handle up to 11.7" x 17" ledger sized pages.
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