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ABBYY FlexiCapture online training

It's so nice to be able to avoid travel and TSA pat-downs while acquiring the training we need to improve our productivity.  ABBYY has been offering online training sessions and I thought it's about time we'd mentioned that. Being online lowers your overall cost.  ABBYY uses GoToTraining to present the class, so you won't feel overlooked when you have a question or get stuck on a lesson.

There's a FlexiCapture Basic course that takes 5 days, 4 Hours per day, to complete and costs $1195.  The class begins at 8:00 PST, so you may want to pack a lunch to eat at your desk if you're somewhere east of that.  This class will teach you the basics of setting up projects for zonal OCR applications.  "Zonal" is sometimes referred to as "fixed-form" which means that you're working with typical forms where the data appears on the page(s) in the same location every time per the type of form you're working with.  This is common for various office forms, surveys, safety cards, oil & gas reports, etc.. 

The FlexiCapture Advanced course costs $795 and covers creating FlexiLayouts for use in document definitions (templates) that work with semi-structured documents like invoices, orders, datasheets, and various reports with listings.  It's also possible to extract data from unstructured documents such as contracts and correspondence.  This class spans three days for four hours each day starting at 8:00 AM PST.  If you're already an expert in setting up projects for zonal OCR projects, you can just sign up the for advanced course to learn how to build and incorporate FlexiLayouts.

Here's the schedule for the remainder of 2016.

13 - 15 July FlexiCapture Online - Advanced
18 - 22 July FlexiCapture Online - Basic
22 - 26 August FlexiCapture Online - Basic
14 - 16 September FlexiCapture Online - Advanced
19 - 23 September FlexiCapture Online - Basic
17 - 21 October FlexiCapture Online - Basic
2 - 4 November FlexiCapture Online - Advanced
14 - 18 November FlexiCapture Online - Basic
12 - 16. December FlexiCapture Online - Basic


Contact us to confirm availability and sign up: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Price reduction for DocuPage Pro

Pricing has been reduced from $495 to $295 per seat and we've eliminated annual support and maintenance.  You can try the entry product DocuPage for just $10.  DocuPage works with the basic DocuShare document object type and standard out-of-the-box metadata such as title, summary, description, author, and keyword properties.  DocuPage Pro works with custom objects and properties and is very versatile in its ability to dynamically file documents where they belong with expression-built titles and searchable metadata.  Just download a trial of either or both, test tagging and uploading your image files or PDFs, and purchase a license key if it suits your needs. 

DocuPage Pro



ABBYY Promos On Sale through June 20

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These sale items can be found on our On Sale page.
If you're looking for a multi-user OCR solution, inquire about ABBYY Recognition Server.


Homepage sliders

DocuShare 7 has a neat feature of allowing you to upload your own image files to display on the classic homepage.  You upload them to a collection and go into the Admin Home > Site Management > Site Configuration page and set Home Page Image Slider Collection to "Collection-123" using whatever handle number your collection has.  The DocuShare 7 Administrator's Guide on page 38 says your images should be 580 x 185 px in JPG format, but it appears the default image size of 1256 x 502 px works better.  That's the actual size of the default images Xerox uses. 

Take pictures of one another around the office and drop them in the collection to wake people up a bit.  If you add a comment to the Summary property, that will show up as a title at the bottom of the image.  It ain't Facebook, but it's fun.  I suppose you could use the Email Agent with the upload option to toss in a new photo now and again, but you might not want to tell others how to do that.


Digital Document Archiving and Management

ABBYY has a thought-provoking page on how its products are used in the process of archiving and managing documents.  We are adept at using these products in conjunction with Xerox DocuShare and other document management systems for automated filing processes that foster collaboration and support lifecycle management including archiving of various kinds of documents.  Get half the story and access to case studies from the ABBYY Digital Document Archiving and Management page and more to consider from our page, Do you really need a document management system?  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you'd like to review your needs.


Another happy customer

"I have been tooting the [FlexiCapture] scanning system among colleagues for some time as an improvement over the manual data entry we did in the past.  Our postcard surveys fly through the scanner and populate data sets in minutes rather than hours, and the volume of surveys we complete has increased because of our scanning system."
- P. F. of Iowa Dept of Natural Resources


Scanner of the month: Xerox DocuMate 5445i for only $683.00

Someone called to ask about the new software bundled with this and other Xerox/Visioneer scanners called Office Gemini Dokmee Capture.  It interfaces with your scanner and provides OCR and simple zonal capture capability and has output suitable for uploading to DocuShare via the Content Intake Method (CIM).  It appears to only work with the standard Document object, but can address custom properties.  The capture and upload capability makes this a great addition to their already generous software bundle and Xerox scanners are very highly rated and a good value.  Use our exceptional comparison tool to contrast this model with Fujitsu, Kodak, Epson, and others.

  • Advanced high-output workgroup scanner
  • 45 ppm simplex / 90 ipm duplex
  • Reliable paper feed mechanism with double-feed prevention
  • On-Board Acuity image processing
  • Convenient 75 page ADF capacity†
  • Create searchable PDF files to make it easy to find scanned documents
  • Instantly scan at the touch of a button
  • Batch scan mixed paper and hard cards
  • Energy saving and instant on use of LED technology

As always, we have a great price on this unit. See it at our online store along with bigger and faster models.

If you're looking for a new scanner, be sure to shop with us for really good prices and the best side-by-side comparison page anywhere.  You'll find this and our unique application enablers for DocuShare and ABBYY products on our CriteriaFirstWare site.

 If this is a good source of information, then forward our newsletter or links to others that could benefit.  We'd like to add them to our list, so write to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and ask to be added and tell us what you'd like to know more about.