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Xerox DocuShare Drive 1.5.1

Supports Windows 10 and Office 2016

Xerox Content Management is pleased to announce the availability of Xerox DocuShare Drive version 1.5.1 in English, French, German and Spanish.  DocuShare Drive provides a seamless integration with the Microsoft Windows operating systems and applications. Appearing as a mapped drive in Windows Explorer, users interact with their DocuShare content as they would content on any other mapped drive.

What's New

  • Supports Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit) and Office 2016
  • Certified as compatible with Microsoft Windows
  • Supports S3 authentication for Xerox-only use
  • Several customer fixes, including:
    • Check-out and check-in now supports custom documents
    • You can check in custom documents using the right-click menu command Check in document(s).
    • The Go to DocuShare URL command now works correctly. 
    • When using the Don't prompt for the File check-in setting, changes made to macro-enabled Office documents are now saved after check-in.

You can download this from DocuShare Drivers & Downloads


DAVupDoc v3.6

DAVupDoc v3.6 for Windows (32-bit or 64-bit versions)
We've removed any requirements that would accommodate working with the DocuShare Windows Client and DSAxess when using DAVupDoc due to the gradual phase out of support for this interface in favor of DocuShare Drive.  This makes DAVupDoc more compatible with Windows 10 and Windows servers which don't allow installation of the latest versions of the DocuShare Windows Client.  Nearly everyone is using the DocuShare Content Intake Module and methodology for uploading documents now, so the old, slow scripted interface is rarely, if ever, used.  Bottom line: Just install DAVupDoc by itself and it will work fine. 

Document Overload

If you're an ABBYY customer, here are some questions and statements commonly heard by those in need of a document management system ...

  • I'm looking for the [account name] document - where did you file that?
  • Did the invoice get filed?
  • Do I have access to that report?
  • I can't tell what this file is about from the filename.
  • Can we give web access to some of these files to our partner or to our customer?
  • Has anybody ever changed or even looked at this document?
  • I think somebody deleted my document.  How do I get it back?
  • Can I comment on this document without actually changing it?
  • Can I search for something without waiting for the system to search areas where I know it isn't?
  • Is it possible to route a document to others in the office to see if they want to change it or if they approve of it the way it is?
  • Do we have any collaborative tool so that we can use to track our progress?

If you've been hearing these questions around the office, you should consider contacting us to discuss your requirements and desirements that could be met using a simple or full-featured document management system like DocuShare 7


Xerox promotion for new DocuShare customers

There are some discounts for three new DocuShare 7 server configurations available until December 16th of this year.  I realize this does you no good if you're already a DocuShare customer, but if you know of a friend or business partner that would benefit from DocuShare, please let this know about this.

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Click on the name of each to see their specific configuration and pricing.  These are the baseline offerings, but you can add to them in the initial order or later as you see fit.  We'll help you with installation, configuration, and implementation at a much lower cost than you could get from Xerox.  Not knocking them - just saying.  I'll be glad to discuss how each component in the offering can be used to make your organization run more efficiently.  

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