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DocuShare 7.0 Update 1 Release Notes

What's New?

DocuShare Integration for Microsoft Office feature provides a seamless experience for opening, editing, and saving Microsoft Office documents (Excel, PowerPoint, Word) located in DocuShare when used with DocuShare Drive 1.5.1.
> Open and save DocuShare documents using the Office application's Backstage view. Requires users to install the DocuShare Backstage Setup software that is located on the Xerox Support & Drivers page.
> Check out documents from DocuShare to launch the Office application for easy editing and saving.

Microsoft Windows and Office versions supported for DocuShare Integration for Microsoft Office feature:
> Windows 7 (32- and 64-bit), 8.1 (64-bit), and 10 (32- and 64-bit)
> Office 2013 and 2016 (Excel, PowerPoint, Word), for one computer
> Office 365 (Excel, PowerPoint, Word), fully installed

List of fixes and enhancements

DocuShare 7.0 Update 1 download


ABBYY FlexiCapture 11 Release 6 available now

What's new in this release (Build
>  Support for Canadian Taxes (HST, GST, PST and QST)
>  Support for US Tax extraction
>  Improved text file format export options
>  Improved security, limiting access to invoice thumbnails
>  WinHTTP support
>  Bug fixes


Searching for DocuShare usage hints and tips?

Look to our backlog of newsletters going back to 2011.  You'll find lots of useful information here.


ABBYY FlexiCapture 12 Enhancements

We've been going through pre-release training on FlexiCapture 12 and I thought you might be interested to know that it will incorporate auto-training in the same manner that FlexiCapture for Invoices now uses it.  If your FlexiLayout (semi-universal template) can't find something on a tax statement for a county, the operator can train it to know where that text or value appears so that it can capture it effortlessly in subsequent documents.

FlexiCapture 12 will be available as a 64-bit app for the first time, so if your batches and documents are really large you won't be limited to 4GB of RAM to process it.  Documents should process faster with no real limit in size.  It will also be able to ingest Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents along with PDFs, image files, and email attachments.  I'd captured text and graphics from an image-only PDF the other day relating to a Xerox DocuShare sale and converted them into text for my email announcement.  This feature was new to the last release of Recognition Server and will be available to FlexiCapture 12.

We'll tell you more about this new major release once it's made available for installations.


Assembling an Ideal System from Best-of-Breed Components

I'd spoken with someone recently that is manually processing a significant amount of invoices every month.  She's interested in FlexiCapture for Invoices, but she says they're considering switching over to another ERP system.  I want to make the point that they may be better off implementing FlexiCapture for Invoices now on their current system and just making adjustments for their new system when it gets implemented sometime over the next year or so.  If your ERP systems under consideration include data capture and/or document management modules, look at them closely to see if they're robust enough to handle all the needs of your enterprise.  These modules may be provided to ensure they meet your criteria checklist, but may be disappointing in practice.  Even their SharePoint connectors may not file documents appropriately for you or scale up to meet your needs without a lot of additional expense.  Buying best of breed components implemented by those able to set up proper database connections and document management structures and import methods makes for a more versatile and productive environment with less vendor lock-in. 


A smarter and more efficient environment benefits everyone

IOMA's AP 2012 Department Benchmarks and Analysis Report shows that the cost of invoice processing using procedures without automation tools can be up to 20 times higher than processes which are highly automated.

“There’s something absolutely magical that happens when business intelligence works.  When an end user with a question gains the insight they need to move forward, business moves forward and people are more effective in their jobs.”
– Ted Kummert, Senior Vice President, Microsoft Business Platform Division


Return to Sender

If you're looking for an enterprise OCR solution that can be used in the office and on the road, consider the email interface provided in ABBYY Recognition Server.  You can set up workflows configured to check the email inbox for documents with attached image files and PDFs that you'd like to convert to searchable PDFs, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, or just plain text.  Create a workflow for each type of conversion and use a unique email address for each.  For example, an inbox for This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. can receive your scan or screen capture, convert it into a Word document, and send it back to the sender attached to another email note.  Recognition Server's latest release can convert Word and Excel into searchable PDFs and return them to the sender or export them to a shared folder.  Make sure you do not share these email addresses with just anyone.  You can also impose a security password on your PDFs if you're concerned that unauthorized people may try to use your conversion service.


DocuShare Scripts Live On

We were afraid that Xerox' retirement of the familiar DocuShare Windows Client would mean the end of processing DocuShare scripts, and we have developed a lot of them over the years for ourselves and our customers.  It's much like having a command prompt and the ability to write batch files, but tuned for a document management system.  I've used them to search through resumes and assemble documents and many other things.

It turns out that you can merely copy over DSAxess.exe and the related help file "DocuShare SDK.chm" in with your DocuShare Drive program files and run your scripts.  The chm help file needs to be filed in a subfolder named SDK to call up correctly.  You may also want to look at the "SDK\Docs\DocuShare Windows Client SDK.pdf" file for additional information on writing and using DocuShare scripts.  If you have something in mind and want some help, give us a call.


Which Fujitsu models come with ScanSnap Receipts?

I thought you'd be interested in knowing that the following Fujitsu ScanScap scanners have a data extraction program for receipts included with them.  These are the S1100i, S1300i, ix100, ix500, and SV600 scanners.  We carry all of them.  Some of them also come with ABBYY FineReader.  This is great for business and personal use.

Use our scanner feature comparison.

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