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Can Automating Invoice Processing Help You Detect Invoice Fraud?

I naturally began wondering if others had explored this possibility and conducted a search to see if guidance already exists.  It does.  There's no reason you could not put logic into a FlexiCapture project's document definitions to automatically use techniques outlined in the following articles.  You could implement a script to use the algorithm in Benford's Law to look for suspicious total amounts and place a yellow warning flag to draw the operator's attention to it.  You can implement methods to detect duplicate invoices that shouldn't be paid by using database lookups.  It's best to use some of these techniques during the capture process to prevent processing duplicate invoices while other techniques would best be implemented in your accounting or ERP system.  Either way, if your department wants to reduce fraud and mistakes it may interest you to read a few articles on the subject.  Here are a few that could be helpful to you.  Pardon the overlapping points made among them.


Double-Take Move

We're using Vision Solutions' software to ease migration of content when performing upgrades involving moving the DocuShare repository to a new volume.  This is often the part of an upgrade that takes the most time and causes people to wait to complete the process.  This, of course, works with more than just DocuShare repository moves.  You can use Double-Take Move with any and all large file copy processes.  The beauty of this is you can begin the replication process days or weeks in advance so that it's complete by the time you've upgraded or reinstalled software.  You can purchase your license and lean on Criteria First for support in the process.  It's easy to set up and monitor.  Here are some documents where you can learn more about how using Double-Take Move will help you and reduce stress.

How to Migrate Without Downtime - An Executive Overview - Detailed overview with illustrations

Migration eBook Presentation.pdf - This is more of a presentation with charts and graphs based on surveys.


Learn Why Data Capture is an Important Tool of your BPM Framework

BPM is critical to the framework of process improvement and automation - and essential to digitally transforming your business.

ABBYY's role in BPM <-- click for the written overview

You'll learn why:

  • Payback has been realized within a year for 41% of respondents of which 17% cite ROI within 6 months. And why 25% of respondents achieved ROI within 18 months.
  • Large mailroom scanners now support digital mailrooms for 21% of respondents. And why 32% of respondents use distributed capture processes.
  • Faster processing of business critical activities has provided the biggest value for 53% of respondents and why 45% cite their biggest value is from fewer errors and exceptions processing.

The speed and size of any Return on Investment (ROI) is dependent on the current procedures and the time and effort involved in the administration of the existing process. The greater this administrative burden, the faster a customer can expect to reach the break-even point; the point at which your investment becomes cost neutral and you begin to save money. Typically IT systems are expected to cover their costs in 3 to 5 years.

One of the key questions in this report is, "Which common business processes are the most likely candidates for improvement in your organization?".  Topping the list are:

  • Records and document management
  • Internal processes like reviews and approvals, etc.
  • Customer correspondence, helpdesk

We can help you in all three of these areas and others listed by using ABBYY products and Xerox DocuShare together or separately.


ABBYY FlexiCapture for Invoices - Powerful Data Capture Interactive Online Simulation

Watch this video to see why Digital Transformation begins by turning paper into actionable digital information.  It's only a little over two minutes long.  After it's done it will take you to a page illustrating the verification process that you can interact with.  This will show you how to save time with a shorter invoice processing cycle while reducing cost per invoice by 50%.  Automated invoice processing can help make AP departments more productive, and offer significant potential for immediate savings and fast ROI.  Watch the video and see how ABBYY's solution reduces time and cost of processing invoices, saving you money and improving data accuracy.


ABBYY Launches FineReader 14

New version of flagship desktop software helps businesses to accelerate their digital transformation efforts.  ABBYY has announced FineReader 14, a new version of its flagship desktop software that combines optical character recognition (OCR) with capabilities for working with PDFs.

Read KMWorld's article here:


ABBYY Compreno

Using advanced natural language processing (NLP) technology, ABBYY Compreno turns unstructured content such as contracts, leases and reports into powerful business intelligence assets. Our unique technology "reads" documents to identify entities, facts, and the relationships between them. Complex case documents are automatically analyzed, accelerating and optimizing decision-making by providing critical data points to knowledge professionals. Compreno solutions also understand and accurately classify high volumes of unstructured information without the need for tedious, time-consuming manual reviews. Integrating ABBYY’s leading OCR technology, Compreno handles image and text documents with ease to drive integrated text analytic solutions. Businesses can solve their "dark data" problems by allowing Compreno to shed light on their information, leaving knowledge professionals free to focus on using that information to make better-informed strategic decisions.

Questions about Compreno?  Call or write to us with your use case and let's see if it's a good fit for you.


Will you buy it if we build it?

Would you be interested in getting email notification reminders from DocuShare calendar events?  Something along the line of "You have an event in one hour for [title of the calendar event]."


Epson scanners promotion with 3 years of maintenance included

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