Texas managed care facilities, as in other states, is seeing a boom in Baby Boomers coming into their sphere.  Your business is probably growing at a healthy pace and you need to ensure that you do an excellent job of keeping important information available to specific persons or groups that require it while keeping others out.  They also need to get to your documents and others resources without much fuss.  Your staff and management should find it easy to find what they're looking for, so a versatile, integrated search engine should be built in.  Look for a collaborative system with social networking and mobile access built in that can be quickly set up and rolled out with minimal training required. 

Criteria First is a value-added reseller of document management, conversion, and capture systems.  We can set up a DocuShare system for you sized for today that allows you to grow into your tomorrow without any penalty.  We can assist you in uploading all your important files from PCs and file servers into a web-accessible system that will draw your team(s) together for greater productivity.  We have a list of reasons why you need a DocuShare solution at http://www.criteriafirst.com/index.php/news/11-collaborate/15-dms-need

Your industry will now be scrutinized more than ever before by the state and you must be prepared for audits.  If I may borrow a few phrases from others in your industry:

Managed Care Plans by StrategicHealthSolutions, LLC

“There is no data repository that is completely accurate and truthful,” Sheehan said.  “However, to get paid, you have to certify data as accurate and truthful, and when it's found not to be, you've got a False Claims Act issue,” he said.

The Spay Case - Sheehan cited a recent case, United States ex rel. Spay v. CVS Caremark Corp., E.D. Pa., No. 2:09-cv-04672-RB, 12/20/12, in which the government said not having a compliance program to certify the accuracy and completeness of data constituted reckless disregard (83 HCDR, 4/30/13).  Sheehan said the language in the Spay ruling places new demands on what managed care plans have to do to certify their data, and he said it applies not only to the managed care plan but also to subcontractors.

While DocuShare will foster greater collaboration within your company and among your partners, it will also serve to secure your documents and provide access to auditors in a manner that allows them to trace activities pertaining to specific documents and the people who touch them yet keep them from possibly tampering with your documents and other resources.

In an email exchange with Penny Rychetsky, Internal Audit Director for the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services, she tells us:

DADS Community Services providers are required by contract to maintain their accounting records in accordance with generally accepted accounting procedures. The providers financial and service delivery records must fully support all claims for payment submitted to DADS or its agent. These records must be retained for a minimum of six years after the end of the federal fiscal year in which the services were provided or until all litigation, claims or audit findings are resolved. Additionally, our provider audits are conducted by the Health and Human Services, Office of Inspector General.

We have a site that I'm sure you'll want to see.  It is a rough outline of how you may want to set up your office workspace.  We use DocuShare ourselves and transferred years of content into it from the president's PC and our file server so that everyone can have access even when working from home or on the road.  We used our FS2DS (File Server to DocuShare) upload tool to upload files in the shortest amount of time possible with the same folder structure as before.  We can also convert images and image-only PDF files into fully searchable documents.  Our partnership with ABBYY gives us the ability to extract specific kinds of information from current and newly added documents allowing us to update your search capability and automatically file documents where they belong as they are scanned or received via email.

Come and see a document management solution you can install in-house or have us set up for you in a cloud server and manage for you.  We'll be glad to demonstrate this and discuss tailoring a solution that best suits your needs.  We're Criteria First and our cloud services are known as AvidOffice. 

Come see our prototype site for you at XYZ Home Health Care