Archival preserves knowledge from the past.
Cunieform writing with a stylus in mud baked 6000 years ago.
Document management enables people to reach out and help one another.
Knowledge of the past shapes our future
AvidOffice cloud services
Let us build and maintain your collaborative DMS so that you can focus on business.
New horizons
Focus on your customers and we'll focus on you.

We would like to help you reduce your workload for production and lease reports that you receive on paper or as PDFs.

Do you have someone in your office that keys data from lease reports and other statements?

We can help you extract this data and speed up this process by 5 to 10 times or more over manual keying for generating your royalty statements and checks. You'll be able to scan Invoices, Revenue Reports, Check Stubs, Letters, Envelopes, and other matter to automatically file by client with meaningful titles and searchable metadata organized in folders the way you want it. We can set up a custom web search interface to ease access to this by others in your office or your clients or partners. Information remains secure and under your control.

If your business is blessed with more clients and activity, you will appreciate the increased productivity and accuracy this affords you.

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