Archival preserves knowledge from the past.
Cunieform writing with a stylus in mud baked 6000 years ago.
Document management enables people to reach out and help one another.
Knowledge of the past shapes our future
AvidOffice cloud services
Let us build and maintain your collaborative DMS so that you can focus on business.
New horizons
Focus on your customers and we'll focus on you.

Following is a brief overview of our services.  Call so we can elaborate and discuss your needs.

Collaborative Communities of Practice
Get your knowledge workers to stop reinventing the wheel.  Build overlapping communities of practice in which individuals can benefit from the work of others within the organization.  Collaborate with your partners and preferred customers.  Unite them with notification of new content in areas of individual interest.  Collaborate more effectively on projects.

Data Capture
We can help you capture data from various mediums and resources such as paper and PDFs you download or receive as email attachments.  We can find the information in the document, capture it, let you verify or correct it, and export it to CSV, XML, spreadsheets, databases, or any other unique format you require including QuickBooks and other accounting systems.  We export clean, valid data so you don't need another step to cleanse it.

Document Conversion
Bring us your tired old pages and we'll convert them into reviseable Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, or searchable PDFs to archive for instant recall with metadata for surgical search results. 

Document Management
We can set up a comprehensive document management system that allows you to start small and scale to accommodate and empower your enterprise with the knowledge they need.  We can also help you scan and index your hardcopy documentation for electronic archival and retrieval.  We automate the filing process to reduce manual steps and speed up the process.

Process Improvement
We will examine your current business processes and recommend improved processes based on workflow capabilities built into our various products, tools, and services.  Reducing time-consuming, tedious processes allow your employees to focus on activities crucial to delivering better products and services that contribute to your bottom line.

Form and Templates
Let us create the forms you need in a manner that can be utilized with efficient data capture tools to speed your ability to bring data to your spreadsheets and databases.

Xerox DocuShare Customization
We have extensive capabilities to bring a new look and new functions to your existing Xerox DocuShare site.  Contact us with your needs and ideas.


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