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Key info for users and decision makers for Xerox DocuShare and ABBYY recognition products.


FlexiCapture 12 Announcement

We'd attended a presentation by ABBYY recently on the eminent release of FlexiCapture 12.  Well, it's finally here.  Among some of the new features and enhancements are:

  • Multi-tenancy support
  • Service Level Agreement support
  • Auto-training of field extraction and classification
  • Advanced classification
  • Web Scanning and Web Verification Stations using HTML5
  • Improvements to the Administration and Monitoring Console
  • Document sets
  • Processing of digitally born documents
  • Improvements to FlexiLayout Studio
  • New export settings
  • Online Help

You'll find details on these features in the release notes (FC12_R1_1299_12_build_12.0.1.263.pdf) in the following downloads link. 

Data capture is a pretty hot trend in the drive to automating processes.  ABBYY is steering their marketing efforts toward industries relying heavily on automatically extracting data from various unstructured document sources for profiling and cataloguing financial and logistical data to reduce costs to more quickly serve their customers. 

While there are some specific enhancements to FlexiCapture for Invoices, all the new features in FlexiCapture will be applicable for invoice processing, too.  If you'd like to download it for a 30 day trial or to read the documentation and release notes, you can get them from  There is only one download file for either FlexiCapture Standalone or Distributed and the file size is 3.1GB, so go to lunch while it downloads.  FlexiCapture for Invoices in included in the download.  You'll want to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a trial request.  No brochure has been released as yet, but we'll post it once it becomes available. 


DocuShare Flex is available for SMBs and Enterprise Departments

Xerox has a unique cloud hosted build of DocuShare they're providing to customers wanting a quick and easy implementation that has most of the features of DocuShare Standard and that comes at the low price of $2500 per year for 5 users with 10 GBs disk space for your files.  Costs increase as your storage expands, as it does with all cloud providers.  It looks very similar to DocuShare 7 without the social media capabilities for threaded discussions, blogs, and wiki pages.  There is presently no versioning capabilities and if you upload a document twice to a collection the second file will be rejected due to the filename clash.  It has the same drag and drop browser interface as DocuShare 7, but DocuShare Drive is not supported for moving folders of files to and fro.  Also, if you want to scan to DocuShare Flex you must use a Xerox digital copier or multi-function device (MFD) with ConnectKey, their neat DocuShare integration software.  Support for non-Xerox devices is said to come later.  This would include at some point the ability to upload content from ABBYY FlexiCapture and Recognition Server without having to engage Xerox Professional Services to set up FTP folders.  Content Intake doesn't appear to be an option, so that would be a non-starter, too.

On the very positive side, DocuShare Flex includes Content Rules which is a powerful workflow feature that can automate quite a few processes within DocuShare and is doubly powerful when combined with Document Routing.  Content Rules is a $7500 add-on for DocuShare Standard and included with DocuShare Enterprise, so that's quite a value.
So, for typical digital document management in the cloud we feel DocuShare Flex is a solid offering, but additional upload and scanning capabilities need to be added.  If you feel that this may be suitable for you and would like some guidance, call us.  Knowing your requirements and desirements will help us determine whether DocuShare Flex is a better option for you than an on-premise DocuShare implementation.  A third option would be for us to host DocuShare for you with typical functionality at our much lower cost of implementing anything unique or custom that you may require.  One factor to consider when considering a cloud hosted DocuShare solution is the cost of personnel to maintain the site and resources.  There are very few full-time DocuShare administrators in the world today as DocuShare is easy to set up, administer, maintain, and expand.  We'll help you with the rest.

You may want to read a few DocuShare case studies.  This page is grouped by industry, so you should be able to find stories relevant to your environment.


ABBYY FineReader 14 Spring Sale - New & Upgrades

This is the newest release of FineReader and the sale is good for both new and upgrade licenses of Standard, Corporate, and Enterprise editions.  ABBYY's OCR engines are the best available and will save you time in processing and cleanup. 

ABBYY FineReader 14 is the brand new all-in-one PDF and OCR software application for efficiently working with scanned documents and PDFs.  It combines powerful text recognition and document conversion technology, essential PDF editing capabilities and document text comparison functionality to support business professionals from various departments in coping with a variety of daily tasks when working with documents.

For more information and links to 20% off pricing good through June 15, go to our On Sale page.


ABBYY PDF Transformer+ Discontinued

PDF Transformer+ has been discontinued and is no longer available from ABBYY Software.  However, PDF Transformer+'s features have been incorporated into FineReader 14.


DocuShare 7 Permission Reports

Is this feature working for you?  Test it to be sure.  Refer to article: New Features in DocuShare 7 Regarding Users and Group Membership toward the bottom of the page.  If it's not, let us know and we'll address that for you - no charge.


Getting People To Contribute To The Team

I'd worked in a pre-sales marketing support team twenty years ago and determined that we needed a shared library.  Everyone had their areas of specialties and a file cabinet to save their supporting material.  Half the staff didn't want to let go of their material as it gave them easy access to familiar information that they felt provided them with job security.  I'd founded the team library and had to practically claw the material away from them so others could benefit from it.  This started out as a physical library, but I'd also contributed quite a lot of digital content to the team.  We eventually began using DocuShare when it was first launched.  Back then, with DocuShare 1, uploading content was a bit tedious.  Now we have tools available like FS2DS

FS2DS is the fastest and easest way to upload your content into DocuShare. You can use a command line or the GUI from Windows PCs and Windows servers.  FS2DS retains creation and modification dates using the included FS2DS Dater tool.  You can filter out unnecessary and unwanted system and hidden files from uploading.  It's very fast in that it works using Content Intake Mode for DocuShare 6.X and 7.X.

It uploads in batches with definable chunk sizes; defaults to 2000 files per chunk in one batch.  If it gets interrupted, you can restart at a specific batch number to avoid having to start all over.  It's easy to setup and use, but if you want help - call us.


There are several new scanners out from Fujitsu, Kodak, and others that may interest you.  Rather than draw your attention to a particular scanner of the month, just contact us and let us know how you intend to use the scanner and we'll help you pick the right one and take advantage of any promotions or sales currently in force.  As always, we have great prices on our scanners. See them at our online store for models suitable for your needs.

If you're looking for a new scanner, be sure to shop with us for really good prices and the best side-by-side comparison page anywhere.  You'll find this and our unique application enablers for DocuShare and ABBYY products on our CriteriaFirstWare site.

If this is a good source of information, then forward our newsletter or links to others that could benefit.  We'd like to add them to our list, so write to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and ask to be added and tell us what you'd like to know more about.