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FlexiCapture 9.0 is a Trend Setter!

FlexiCapture 9.0 has been named as a Trend-Setting Product of the Year for 2010 by KMWorld Magazine—making this the fifth consecutive year an ABBYY product has won this award! "Each year, KMWorld recognizes truly trend-setting products that provide innovative solutions and increase business performance," said editor-in-chief Hugh McKellar. FlexiCapture 9.0 was chosen out of more than 600 entries. "KMWorld’s continued recognition of ABBYY is a testament to our commitment to innovation," said Dean Tang, CEO of ABBYY USA.  Read More

ABBYY Recognition Server 3.0 updated 11/17/2010

New features include:

  • Administrative API for setting document types and index fields
  • Support of security feeds in Google Search Appliance connector

There's a short list of bug fixes, too.  If your current version is less than Build #, consider downloading and installing this update if you find the new features valuable or the bug fixes relevant to any problems you're seeing.
-- Recognition Server 3.0-- Download (RS30_6913.exe, 471 MB)
-- Release Notes -- Readme

Your upgrade to DocuShare 6.5.3 may be missing two indexes

Xerox DocuShare Support indicated to one of our customers recently that their upgrade from 6.0 may be running slowly due to missing two database indexes. There's a fix available for that which takes less than a minute to run that checks your current indexes and rebuilds the ones that may be missing.  You'll need to have an account to access the updates, but you can create one for yourself on the homepage.  Look at the readme.txt file for resetIndexes in

Additional updates to consider: DocuShare 6.5.3 Patch 2

These should be run after ensuring you have a recoverable backup.  Don't forget to run update statistics once a month on SQL Server.  If you're running DocuShare 6.0 with the MSDE database you can follow the instructions found in the DocuShare Knowledgebase:

DAVupDoc enhancements

In addition to setting an expiration_date to your documents for archival, we've added the ability to write to a deletion date property so that your automated filing procedures include the ability to set a future date at which you'll be able to report on documents ready for deletion.  You can then approve all those that should be deleted and process them accordingly.  You can, for example, configure your DAVupDoc template to set your documents to archive in two years and delete them in seven years unless you've place a hold on them.  We recommend you add a global date "deletion_date" property and a global Boolean "hold" property.  You may also want to add a "hold_comment" property to explain why they've been placed on hold.  You can use our DocuShare Archive Assistant product to set archive and deletion dates for documents already filed.

Download a 15 day trial of DAVupDoc  Existing users can upgrade from this.

If you're not already using content intake, look into our DocuShare Enablers page for products like DAVLoader, DAVupDoc, and FS2DS that can make your autofiling efforts so much easier.

Topaz Systems digital signature products

We now carry a complete line of products you can use to sign and secure Word, Excel, and PDF documents.  We offer a variety of signature pads that can connect to your PC or thin clients and indicate where the signature should be placed.  The user signs a pad like that at your store or bank upon which they see their signature appear in the document.  Further changes to the document would invalidate the signature.  We're posting products that attach via USB connections or Bluetooth on our site, but we can also provide signature pads which attach via serial cable or Ethernet upon request.  The software is free, so you can use the signature pads throughout your office or take them on the road with you. 

Check them out at

This is much better than making a client or customer sign a piece of paper, scanning it in, cropping it down, converting it to a stamp, and then making them stamp their signature to the document you place in front of them.  They shouldn't have to endure such a process and it's not a paperless process.  It's also more secure than signed paper that's scanned and stored, but can still be modified using Acrobat or image editors.

New Fujitsu fi-5950 scanner

Fujitsu Unveils New Production Scanner Incorporating Enhanced Tools for New Levels of Efficiency, Productivity and Reliability

Windows 7 God Mode

God Mode lets you access all of the Control Panel features from a single folder. That means you don’t have to remember where Control Panel stows Device Manager, for instance. You just find it on an alphabetical list of all control settings.  More information can be found at:

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