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DocuShare eForms overview

We've been learning Xerox' new DocuShare eForms module and thought you might be interested in seeing an overview of this. You can create forms to post on your website for internal personnel and customers around the world to fill in and submit. The form is automatically filed away and you can export the data for use in other systems. This could work in tandem with paper forms or independently.

Let us know if you'd like to see a full demonstration.

Meanwhile, here's a two page eForms brochure.

Can FlexiCapture Standalone run in "lights out" mode?

Can hotfolders and exports be configured for importing, recognizing, and exporting documents without user intervention using FlexiCapture 9.0 Standalone? Yes, but be sure before you do this that you'll either be pleased with the results or have another means available to correct erroneous data that might be captured. I wouldn't recommend this for handprinted text, but if your data is largely represented in clear text and barcodes you could be very pleased with the results and throughput.

Setup overview

  • An Image Import profile should be set with a hotfolder and Autochecking turned on.
  • Check "Enable auto export" in the Export Settings of the document definition and turn off "Need verification" in the Verification tab for each field. 
  • Create a Batch Profile and click on the Workflow tab. Check "Export batch automatically".
  • If you have multiple document definitions and want to eliminate mismatches, make sure your document definitions' static layers require matching specific text such as a header or form ID.

Your Personal Knowledge Management kit - don't be lost without it!

Be more organized at home or be the most productive worker in your office. Scan in your personal documents and save them on your PC in a searchable, indexed manner so you can find them when you need them. Scan in year-end listings of tax information as Word documents or Excel spreadsheets to present to your CPA or just capture them as PDFs. I do this combined with Copernic Desktop Professional so that I can locate documents easily on my PC even when I'd filed them somewhere other than where I'd expect to find them. Copernic is the best of the desktop search engines and comes in a free version with a little adware to tolerate as you become familiar with it and consider paying $40 for the Professional edition. It also searches through Outlook and your browser favorites as well as the Internet.

We've recently added portable scanners to our store with very competitive prices so that you can pick one that's right for you based on your home office or travel needs. There's a version of the Fujitsu ScanSnap 1500 that comes bundled with a trial version of Rack2-Filer for additional organizational capability. We like Nuance PaperPort for personal document management and image editing for scans and photos. Go with PaperPort Professional for scanning to searchable PDFs so Copernic can find your documents based on words and phrases within them. Some of our DocuMate scanners come bundled with PaperPort, but you'll have to upgrade to the Professional edition if you want searchable PDFs.

You can find Copernic Desktop at

Have a look at our portable and desktop scanners to see whether one suits your needs.

DocuShare Optical Character Recognition - Internal or External?
Would you be better served with a solution that converts scanned documents into readable/searchable formats by the DocuShare OCR add-on for DocuShare CPX or by using ABBYY Recognition Server?  Here's an informative one page write-up on this topic for you: DocuShare OCR Recognition

New ABBYY FlexiCapture coming in Q2

FlexiCapture 10 will be loaded with new features, including:

  • Increased scalability: tested for one million pages per day
  • Fault tolerance: provides cluster support
  • Auto-learning: ability to train FlexiLayouts during design and classification
  • Scanning station: Remote station via ClickOnce technologies
  • Web-based Data Verification Station
  • New events in scripting modules
  • Revamped FormDesigner

Your new or current ABBYY MUA (Maintenance and Upgrade Assurance) plan will provide the upgrade to FlexiCapture 10 at no additional cost along with updates throughout the year.

Success Story of the month

ABBYY FlexiCapture cuts costs for anesthesia service provider with paperless accounting and archiving.  Read Me

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