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ABBYY FlexiCapture 10 Standalone and Distributed to be released April 19th

Most of the improvements focus on the distributed implementation so that the various stations and workflows improve the user experience and overall productivity. There will be an option to integrate with email systems so that incoming document attachments can be stripped off and processed, such as invoices and orders. Other new features will include:

  • Remote scanning stations
  • Web-based Data Verification
  • Customizable Verification Stations
  • Empty batches can be deleted automatically
  • FlexiLayout uses a new auto-learning feature for semi-structured documents to bypass coding rules for specific fields to be captured
  • You will have access to .Net libraries. There is no limitation to VBScript or Jscript as was in version 9.0
  • Custom reports can be created and integrated in the web console
  • New custom assembly rules for odd documents
  • More exposure to various events for greater versatility with rules. Events include: Page deleted, Export completed, Batch closed
  • Updated Form Designer with new form creation wizard

More details to follow after the launch. Check our site for brochures and other info on the 19th. If you're interested in a trial, please contact us for a trial application and download site. Customers under an ABBYY MUA contract can upgrade at no additional cost.

DocuShare Windows Client support for Office 2010 due in late April

Watch the DoUG site for this. Create an account for yourself, if you haven't already, to be sure you can log in and search for or navigate to such updates.

TiffPrep 1.2 installs on 64 bit Windows platforms

We've updated this application for use on newer Windows platforms, so download it and give it a try if your users typically scan documents one at a time in a slow and awkward manner on departmental copiers or MFDs and waste a lot of time with this. TiffPrep lets you scan them in together as a single multipage Tiff and then view and split the documents apart while rotating the pages. Output can be either multipage Tiffs or PDFs. TiffPrep is often used prior to DocuPage or DocuPage Pro for viewing, tagging (providing metadata), and uploading batches of documents into DocuShare. DocuPage doesn't support custom metadata and uploads to a specific collection per batch, but DocuPage Pro supports custom metadata and object types (invoices, POs, etc.) and incorporates an expression builder to automatically combine static text and metadata to name your document. The templates include hierarchy mappings so you can file each document where it belongs with all the appropriately assigned metadata so your PDFs, Tiffs, or other image files can be easily and accurately searched and retrieved even if the image file format itself isn't searchable.

TiffPrep, DocuPage, and DocuPage Pro are available as trial downloads from

Hover highlighting for DocuShare collection content

A customer created this for himself several years ago and I've found it even more useful now that I use wide format displays. It's not always easy for the eye to move from left to right from the document title to the properties and other icons on the right. The hover highlighting really helps. You can see this when browsing our site at, assuming we have enough guest accounts for you to see it.

To add this to your DocuShare site, create a folder for alternate VDFs under \Xerox\Docushare\amber\templates\ called "local". Copy dslib.vdf from the \Xerox\Docushare\amber\templates\system\ folder to this local folder. Open the file for editing. You need to edit the "summarize_speed" section of the dslib.vdf file ...

<define id="summarize_speed">

<TR bgcolor="#FFFFFF" onMouseOver="this.bgColor='FBFFBA';" onMouseOut="this.bgColor='#FFFFFF';" valign="middle" id="row${object:_sequence}" style="padding: 5px 0px 2px 0px">

... and change from ...

<tr about="${object:get_url}" id="row${objectSequenceNum}">

... to ...

<tr about="${object:get_url}" id="row${objectSequenceNum}" bgcolor="#FFFFFF" onMouseOver="this.bgColor='FBFFBA';" onMouseOut="this.bgColor='#FFFFFF';">

Save your dslib.vdf and refresh your view of a DocuShare collection and run your cursor up and down the page to see if your content has a yellow background. You can replace bgColor='FBFFBA' with another value if you prefer another color.

Make sure "Enable Dynamic VDF Update " is set to Yes under Admin Home > Site Management > Site Configuration or the local folder contents will be ignored. You can disable all such customizations by renaming the local folder.

AIIM Market Intelligence research results

The consumption of paper and number of photocopies is still growing in 27% of organizations, but in 39%, it is finally starting to fall. Amongst those organizations with more extensive and mature scanning and capture operations, 53% are seeing a reduction in paper usage.

A standard 4 drawer file cabinet holds between 15-20 thousand pages, costs an estimated $25k to fill and another $2k annually to maintain? Additionally, studies have shown that on average approximately 7.5 % of all paper documents will be lost and 3% of the remaining files will be misplaced. Using approximated costs from these same studies, each lost file will cost $220 to reproduce and each misplaced file will cost $120 to find. The question you have to ask yourself is how much is that costing you?

Trade-ins for new scanners

Kodak is currently promoting trade-in dollars for older scanners. If you have an old production scanner that you'd like to trade in for another, tell us what you have and what brand and model you'd like to trade it in for and we'll check on the trade-in value for you. We'll get you an overall good deal. Give us your specs and we'll match you with a few good scanners to consider.

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ABBYY Cuts Costs for On-Site Anesthesia Services with Paperless Accounting and Archiving
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