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Xerox DocuShare 6.6.1 release

Xerox releases a minor update with new features and improvements including ...

Web UI
• Scoped content rules – ability to define a content rule for an entire collection hierarchy
• Relative date search – search dates relative to the date search is run
• New WYSIWYG editor in wikis/blogs
• New property types: BigDecimal (fixed point decimal – currency) and Long

Admin UI
• Server Statistics pages
• Ability to set content indexing for individual document classes
• Partitioned content store (license-enabled)
• New more efficient content storage method – improves backup performance
• Office 2010 MIME Type support

Command Line Utilities
• dsindex option to resume full site indexing where it left off after an interruption
• New command for upgrading pre-6.6 content stores to new efficient storage method

• IDOL Search Index option to set the maximum content size per document that is stored in the search index

DocuShare eForms
• Authentication of form submitter – when logged into DocuShare
• Ability to add attachments to forms

DocuShare VFS Quick Search
• Ability to switch between the VFS and “classic” DocuShare home pages

A new license string is required for 6.6 whether it's a new install or an upgrade. 
For more detailed product and server configuration information, see ...
Xerox DocuShare 6.6 Announcement
Customer Expectation Setting for DocuShare 6.6

For a more thorough understanding of how this affects your DocuShare installation, contact us at or call 972-492-4428 for a discussion.

DocuPage Pro 3.0 - improved and offered at a lower price

We've updated DocuPage Pro to work in content intake mode so that your batches can be uploaded much more quickly than before. The larger the batch - the greater the comparative speed. You must be on DocuShare 6.0 or higher and set up a content intake profile for this to work. This includes creating a shared folder that DocuPage Pro sends a zip file package too with your documents and an XML file with instructions for uploading the documents. DocuPage Pro prepares the zip package for you based on the template you create indicating where you'd like your documents filed, what to name the document, and what metadata you'd like to store with it so you can search by order #, customer #, and any other key data you define.
We've separated the information required by the standard DocuShare script mode with the new content intake mode using a tabbed interface. We think you'll find it easier to use as well as faster. If you already have DocuPage Pro with a support contract, you can upgrade at no additional charge. If you don't have DocuPage Pro you can download it and try it for 15 days by downloading it from ...
If you're an end user, you'll want to work with your DocuShare administrator to set up the content intake profile and a shared folder. We can provide a demonstration for you to show you how to set up your template and process your documents.

DAVupDoc 3.5 update

We've updated the interface so that you're presented with three tabs for DocuShare Script, Content Intake, and Upload Attributes. It's now easier to determine which settings to make for your desired outcome. We've recompiled so that it runs more efficiently on 64 bit platforms, too. DAVupDoc comes with sample templates, data, and image files for learning and testing and scripts for running in background mode using the command line interface. You can get the latest version from ...
You will have to request a new license key as we've fixed the problem with each user on the PC or server requiring their own license; your administrator can install it once for everyone. So, if you upgrade, send your new "software code" to us during our standard support hours from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM Monday through Friday and we'll response ASAP. There's no charge for those with a current support plan. 15 day trials available.

Recognition and awards

DM Awards, a UK based publication, honored Xerox DocuShare as the Content Management Product of the Year, SME division.

PC World Latin America gave DocuShare® 6.5 the Best Integrated Document Solution Award for 2009.

BLI Winter 2011 Pick Award Outstanding Document Management Solutions
Buyer’s Lab Inc.
(BLI) has recognized Xerox Corp.’s latest DocuShare offerings — Xerox DocuShare CPX, DocuShare, and DocuShare Express, version 6.5 — with the prestigious 2011 Winter Pick award for “Outstanding Document Management Solution.”
- Read the 16-page Report (PDF)

Fujitsu ScanSnap S1100 named as Finalist in Last Gadget Standing Award at CES 2011

Case study of the month

Manteca Unified School District
Michael Dodge, Regional Director, California Financial Services, describes how DocuShare supports more than 25,000 students, staff and teachers.

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