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DocuShare Hot Fix 3 for 6.5.3 Patch 4

Hot Fix 3 requires DocuShare 6.5.3 Patch 4.
This hot fix contains important security fixes. All DocuShare 6.5.3 customers should install DocuShare 6.5.3 Patch 4 [ds653p4] and Hot Fix 3 [ds653p4hf3] to avoid possible cross-site scripting (see ) See the Release Notes for list of fixes included.
AR25650 - Fix for cross-site scripting (XSS) defect reported by customer found at /dsweb/PropHelp
AR25651 - Fix for cross-site scripting defect reported by customer in per-page session/tokens.
AR25737 - Fix for problem introduced by ds653p3. Users with Read History permission will now correctly see the Change History of an object. [ds653p4hf2]
AR25785 - Added port for MultiThreaded JSP [ds653p4hf1]
AR25793 - Fix for XSS defect reported by customer with incorrect URL with an alert as a query parameter.
AR25804 - Users will no longer encounter No Such Method error when editing a Wiki Page.

For a more thorough understanding of how this affects your DocuShare installation, contact us at or call 972-492-4428 for a discussion.

Bug Fixes:

DocuPage Pro v3.0.0.2 - Permissions fixed for Windows 7 users so that resources can reside outside the user's My Documents area.

DAVupDoc - Removed two annoying false errors referencing the template and when validating content intake configurations without first validating that the template and data are compatible.

Both updates are available for downloading as a trial.

Options for filing scanned documents

This is based on a conversation with a DocuShare customer three weeks ago and I thought it worth sharing.  He was looking over some of our DocuShare enablers and wanted to understand his options.

You have a lot of options. Being on CPX and having the OCR module means you could scan documents into a common collection, open them with the View Documents and Properties option under the blue triangle to the far right, rename them and enter searchable metadata, close the properties, and cut/paste them where you want them to go. Content rules could be used to determine if they're Tiff or PDF files and OCR them for full-text search.

Full text search is fine if the OCR results are clean and you don't mind often finding a lot of documents you're not looking for. Metadata allows searches with more precision.
You can also have your users create DocuShare scan cover pages with proper titles and metadata and have the documents end up where you want them. Combine this with content rules for OCR and that works pretty well, but still requires navigating about in DocuShare to create cover sheets where you want your files to go.

DocuPage Pro allows you to set up templates for your various document types that renames your files, sets metadata, and uploads them where they belong. This makes filing very easy by selecting your scanned files, keying or selecting data from drop down lists, and hitting Send. Content rules and the DocuShare OCR add-on would make them full-text searchable, when desired. DocuPage Pro is $594 per PC including one year of support and maintenance.

ABBYY's Recognition Server allows for centralized maintenance and setup of workflows so that it would pick up documents scanned to a particular folder, OCR them, and export them to another folder for DocuShare to import into a single collection. By using the Indexing Station that comes with Recognition Server you can select the document type and enter the metadata for each scanned document and have it export the documents with a CSV file that our DAVupDoc autofiles for you in the same way as DocuPage Pro. There's also a Verification Station included so that you can make corrections to the content you'll be full-text searching on. ABBYY Recognition Server starts at $1850 with a 100K/year license plus $370 annual support & maintenance. DAVupDoc is $1495 + $299 annual support & maintenance. This makes OCR available to everyone in your organization through shared folders, email, http, and ftp with better results than the OmniPage based software offered by Xerox. Some scripting and setup would be required for this.

ABBYY's FlexiCapture can automatically capture information from various document types even when it appears in different places on the page as is common for invoices and purchase orders. It has the ability to hunt down information and capture it. It also reads handwriting, checkmarks, barcodes, and can verify the presence or absence of signatures. FlexiCapture starts at $3000 plus $600 annual support & maintenance. It has more capability than OCR-in-a-box solutions. We also use DAVupDoc to autofile the documents to DocuShare with a unique name, metadata, and where you want it.

Your best option depends on how you want to use your current resources and whether you want much of the process automated for you.

Please call if you want to discuss your options further. There are trials available from our site and from ABBYY through us, so give us an idea which methodology or two you'd like to discuss.

Case study of the month

Kronis, Rotsztain, Margles, Cappel LLP
“DocuShare was about 1/4 the price of competing solutions, which makes our lawyers happy.”  Dean D. McCarthy, I.T. Manager
KRMC legal firm chose DocuShare to save money, have better backup and recovery, and “one stop” support.

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