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DocuShare 6.6 configuration and pricing changes

Why wait until you have to ask? Xerox has changed the way DocuShare is sold as it was way less expensive than comparable competitors, but they've shown mercy in the process. Xerox now charges $3000 for the base DocuShare Server and lowered the price to $1500 for 10 Read/Write/Manage CALs. Volume discounts are available. 

Some features are no longer included with the DocuShare Standard (Core) offering, specifically the Email Agent and the Guest Access option where you had received one concurrent guest CAL for every RWM CAL you purchase. If you'd purchased DocuShare prior to September 2011 you will have your licenses grandfathered in. Xerox will charge separately for these features if you decide to retain them in your new annual support and maintenance renewal. They won't make you remove them if they're not renewed, but these features won't be included in your license the next time you upgrade if you don't renew support for them.  We and Xerox will provide alternate quotes for renewing with and without these features at your request.


Upgrading to DocuShare 6.6?

Be sure to write a note to with your contact information and current DocuShare server host ID noting your intention to upgrade soon. They will send you an email note with your Company ID and Installation ID that you will use when logging into their new online license manager to retrieve your new license key. Xerox is wanting to track upgrades and is using this as part of their process.  Here's their registration page.

* Company ID:

* Installation ID:

   DocuShare Version (x.x):

   (* required for upgrades)

* Server/Host ID: (you'll copy this in from your server)

License: (the server will respond with your new license string)


Archive Server Searches

When searching against the archive server, make sure you're in the collection where the content belongs in order to find an archived document or other object. The search takes that into account on the archive server just as it does on the primary server. If you're not sure where the content belonged, go to the home page and search the archive server from there.


ABBYY FlexiCapture 10 Release 2 due mid-October

We'd uncovered a few little bugs and quirks in the first release of FlexiCapture 10 Distributed and reported them along with a few feature enhancement requests. None of them were show-stoppers. Release 2 should address most (all?) of these when it becomes available this month. Xerox has chosen FlexiCapture and Recognition Server as their data capture and conversion products of choice to implement with DocuShare. Having five years experience ahead of them, we can save you time and money in implementing these products into your processes. ABBYY is including a write-up of our DAVupDoc in their partner newsletter this month that goes to Xerox reps and analysts noting our versatility in autofiling solutions.


DocuPage - almost free!

Try it for free and buy it for $1.00.

Purchase online and we'll send you a liberation key for your perpetual use including a year of support and maintenance including upgrades.

I've been thinking for a while I'd like to offer something for free to get new people to try our software. Something very simple to use would be best. I've decided to sell DocuPage for only $1.00 until the end of the year since our ecommerce site resists giving things away.
DocuPage gives you an interface where you can open a folder full of image files or PDFs, view them, tag them with titles and other standard DocuShare metadata, and upload them to one of your chosen collections. While not nearly as versatile as DocuPage Pro with template based autofiling controls, it's certainly useful for uploading a batch of like documents into a common collection. You probably have users that would greatly appreciate DocuPage.

Only $1.00 for a limited time!


FabSoft Reform Enterprise

FabSoft has an inexpensive output management software package that allows you to redirect print as PDF or RTF documents. We've implemented scripts that direct this output into specific DocuShare collections from PC, server, and host applications. Reform Enterprise can burst your reports into separate documents based on the order number or other criteria. Our script files them individually by customer or supplier or any other criteria you specify. Used with DAVupDoc, we can upload documents using DocuShare's Content Intake Mode. Reform Enterprise includes a forms design package and other modules for advanced printing options including MICR and barcodes and for distributing reports as email or fax. It's great for when you want hardcopy to send by mail while it automatically files your internal copy in DocuShare in the background. Contact us for pricing and a demonstration.


Where did my thumbnails go?

I'd noticed my thumbnails were missing in DocuShare 6.5.3 and received instructions from Xerox DocuShare Support to stop DocuShare, uninstall Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 and vcredist_x64_2008.exe, and restart DocuShare. Thumbnails are back now. DocuShare was relying on a Windows library for these image operations. I'd tried just repairing .NET at first, but that wasn't enough. I didn't actually stop DocuShare first and merely restarted after reinstalling .NET and vcredist_x64_2008. That reduced downtime.


Wake up if you're on SUSE, wake up!

(Sung to the tune of The Everly Brothers' "Wake Up, Little Susie")

DocuShare 5.X, 6.X, 6.5.X, and 6.6.1 only shows Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES 5 (32 and 64 bit) as supported for Linux. Support for SUSE Linux Standard Server and Enterprise Server version 8 was dropped after DocuShare 4.X.


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Case study of the month

Danny Hill, CIO, Director of Management and Budget for the City of Newark, New Jersey
The number one business challenge we faced was having centralized data management. With DocuShare, we are going to reduce our costs by fifty percent. We chose Xerox because it's the only company that provided "end to end" solutions from software and hardware that meet our needs."

City automated multi-step processes to increase responsiveness and meet Open Public Records Act requirements for information access.

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