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ABBYY FlexiCapture 10 Release 2 is now available

ABBYY withheld release 2 for another month to make sure all the reported bug fixes were included. New features include:

  • Oracle DB support

  • Custom TIFF compression for export for the Scan Station

  • The Data Verification allows you to assign certain field types to operators without scripting

  • Dual monitor support

  • Setting order of fields for data verification

  • UI and documentation localization extended to French, German, Chinese (Simplified), Italian, Spanish, Serbian

  • Recognition of QR code support

  • File attachments support using the Web Service API, Scanning Station, or FlexiCapture scripts.

  • Now 3 modes are available for pre-recognition: Fast, Balanced (default), and Thorough.

  • Content-based classifier

  • Classification algorithm enhancement

You can read more about this in the FC10 R2 Release Notes along with Improvements, Corrected Errors, and Known Bugs.

Be sure to download the Administrator Installation Guide with your software update.

Get your update from:

DAVLoader update

We're offering a new version of DAVLoader that supports up to three properties with metadata to catalog your uploaded files. For example, based on your watched folder you can set document properties of author="Doug" and doctype="sales order". We also have a new, easier to use pop up dialog for setting the properties for your watched folders. This is where your additional properties can now be set.

DocuShare Document Routing Tip

How to upload a new version of a document based on changes contributed by a routing recipient.

For step-by-steps details, click on Help in the browser view of DocuShare 6.X and select the DocuShare User Guide to view section 8-7 (~ page 91).

In a nutshell ...

The recipient can revise the document and upload it as a draft in the routing page window. They open your document, change it, save it to disk, and upload it using the Add Draft Version button. Their document is attached to the workflow.

When the initiator of the workflow sees the routing is completed they can view it in their My Tasks / Tasks Assigned by Me view, click the recipient's name, download the document to your PC, and upload it as a new version to the document in the browser or Windows client view.

DocuPage Pro now supports FTP and SFTP

You can now set up DocuPage Pro to upload documents from external employees, temporary hires, and partners to a DocuShare site that's behind your firewall by setting up a secure FTP site. You then provide them with your template containing the FTP link and authentication and walk them through using your certificate (if SFTP) to connect and upload files to your DocuShare's watched content intake folder.

FS2DS adds GUI and Tabify option

A command line interface can be great in a production environment, but for a one-off job it can prove a little tedious. We've added a GUI to make it easier to upload nested directories full of content from PCs and file servers into DocuShare. If you've used the DocuShare Windows Client for this you know that it tends to hang and complain and really isn't very fast. We use content intake and get really good upload rates. We've observed uploads of 713 files per minute + 66 folders per minute into DocuShare.

We'd used the new Tabify option ourselves to set up account folders filed under alphanumeric "tabs". That is, all companies starting with the letter A file under A and companies like 3M would file under 3. It helps to keep our account listing from growing uncomfortably long and taking too much time to navigate to them.

DocuPage - still almost free!

Try it for free and buy it for $1.00.

Purchase online and we'll send you a liberation key for your perpetual use including a year of support and maintenance including upgrades.  This offer expires 12/31/2011.

Thinking of going a little more paperless?

Consider adding a scanner rather than a copier. The Fujitsu ScanSnap fi-6010N iScanner is a network scanner with keyboard and monitor to perform all the functions you normally consider using an advanced digital copier for except copying and printing at a fraction of the cost.  The following link includes a datasheet and feature overviews you can watch.

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