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Drawing for Fujitsu ScanSnap S1100 portable scanner

If you're interested in telling us more about the current status of your DocuShare site, we'll reward you by entering you into a drawing for a Fujitsu ScanSnap S1100. You'll want to stuff this into your PC bag to scan and copy while on the road. It comes with a nice bundle of software for scanning business cards and converting paper to Word, Excel, and PDFs. It runs from the power of your USB cable, so you can use it while waiting for a TSA pat-down.
To enter the drawing, just click on this link to fill in a DocuShare Usage Survey on our server and tell us how you're currently using DocuShare and what more you'd like to do with it. Feel free to add comments indicating you have questions or would like advice about DocuShare. The drawing will be held on Groundhog Day, so all entries much be in by February 1st. Our newsletter list is pretty small and most won't participate, so your chance to win is pretty high. Incidentally, you'll be using a DocuShare eForm for this.

DocuPage price reduction

The DocuPage [] sale is over, but we've reduced the price permanently to $99. There won't be an annual support and maintenance program for it as we don't intend to add new features. It's a simple, entry-level means of viewing images and PDFs to title and tag them with standard DocuShare metadata to upload to a collection. You may find it suitable for several users' purposes. If not, DocuPage Pro [] has a much greater feature set. You'll find the information you need to compare the two in our online store.

DocuShare support notice

Effective with the general release of DocuShare 6.6 on September 6, 2011, DocuShare releases earlier than 6.0.1 will no longer be supported. Maintenance for DocuShare 6.0.1 will end 90 days after the release of 6.6 (December 15, 2011). This means that while DocuShare Customer Support will provide information and guidance on any problem you may have with DocuShare 6.0, the resolution of any system compatibility issues will be to upgrade to a more current version of DocuShare. No patches or updates will be issued for version DocuShare 6.0.1 (or earlier) after December 15, 2011.

How To Upgrade to DocuShare 6.6.1

Xerox' DocuShare Knowledgebase has a short overview to guide you in upgrading to the latest release of DocuShare. This is a good basic outline, but be sure all other factors are taken into consideration that may be unique to your environment.

Using Recognition Server's Indexing Station to capture and export data

By implementing an export script with the Indexing station you can allow one or more users to view documents after they've been OCR'd and click on words, numbers, and phrases to fill fields to export.  It's very easy to set up one or more document types in the Indexing tab of the workflow and set up the fields you want to capture.  When documents are processed, they are sent to the indexing queue where they are presented to authorized users who then click and select their way to filling out the fields with the necessary information to categorize and index them.  It's easy to switch from one document type to another with its unique set of fields.  Once the document's fields are filled in, the page is accepted and the next document is presented for processing until all are finished. 

The output script determines how the data is written to a file.  If we export a CSV file, we can use that with DAVupDoc and create a template to determine precisely how and where that document is to be filed in DocuShare.  If you're not exporting to DocuShare, you can write more complex scripts or programs to process the data or wrap the data in a script to upload to other systems.  Of course, you can import the CSV to a database and handle the document any way you like.

How does this compare to FlexiCapture?  Recognition Server's indexing is a manual process of filling in the fields made easy by clicking on the data (e.g. invoice number) or selecting a string of text (e.g. vendor name).  FlexiCapture fills in the fields for you and can apply validation rules to make sure the data is suitable, rules such as checking against data type and regular expressions.  FlexiCapture generally doesn't require export scripts to generate useful output.  If most of your documents require data capture, you should probably be using FlexiCapture.  If you want guidance for this, please call or write and we'll be happy to provide expert advice.  We can also demonstrate how Indexing and autofiling work with the ABBYY Recognition Server Indexing Station.

Changes in the world of scanners

Fujitsu has discontinued their fi-6140 and fi-6130 desktop scanners and introduced a new fi-6130Z which has the same 40 PPM speed of the fi-6140.  The fi-6230Z is a combo sheet-fed and flatbed scanner.  They now include their ScanSnap interface and features along with a Scanner Central Administration view and alerts for monitoring and managing all your Fujitsu scanners.  The new VRS 5.0 is included to enhance image quality after the scanning has been performed. 

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