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Recognition Server 3.0 Release 9

ABBYY just released version 3 release 9 rather than version 4 release 1. I'm not sure why there's a delay, but the latest release goes beyond fixing bugs to adding new functionality. One of our customers needed scrolling and progressive disclosure (entering the first few letters of a name to drill down the list) for long menu listings when using the Indexing station. We escalated that need to ABBYY and they've responded with an updated Windows interface that addresses those needs. It's great when vendors listen to their VARs - everyone benefits.
If your ABBYY MUA is current, you can download and install the latest version with release notes and documentation at

PDF Stamper for DocuShare

If you would like to date-stamp various types of policy documents automatically when they're viewed and possibly printed by your user base, we have a solution for you. Our DocuShare PDF Stamper customization lets you select which documents are to be stamped and how they're to be stamped and does so on the fly when users click on them. 

For more information or to purchase, visit our store to view DocuShare PDF Stamper.

Winner of the Fujitsu ScanSnap S1100 portable scanner is ...

... no one.  Did I not say that your chances were good?  Who really wants to fill out a survey anyway?  With such a small list of recipients, you stood a good chance of winning.  If you aren't fond of travel scanners, what else would you rather see as a prize?

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DocuShare eForms Update

With DocuShare 6.6.1 there were some updates and enhancements to the eForms module.  These include:

You can add attachments to forms to allow users to easily upload documents with forms.
 Example: Upload resumes with the online employment application
Form submitter authentication supports processes that require the identity of the form submitter to be validated and saved as metadata.
 Examples: Expense Reports (receipts) and Time Off Requests (doctor's note)

Xerox' new agreement with Autonomy allows an unlimited number of forms users!

Call or write if you'd like more information on this.  Some of the best features are never even brought to your attention.  There's a great workflow engine included with a web interface for advanced workflows.  Forms look great on iPads and tablets.

Changes in the world of scanners

Fujitsu Scanner Central Administration
The new centralized administration functionality dramatically reduces the total cost of ownership and effort that goes into setting up, operating, and maintaining multiple Fujitsu scanners in your organization. Scanner Central Administration allows IT staff to monitor each scanner's running status, update user's drivers, check the status of consumables, and more, all over your network from one location.  Here's a good page for more info ...

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