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DocuShare Archive Server tip

Are you going to wait to purchase our DocuShare Archive Assistant until your DocuShare Archive server is in place? You could be sweeping through and preparing your files for archiving in the meantime. You'll want to be sure to add all your custom objects and properties on your DocuShare Archive server to match the main DocuShare server so that they won't be stripped off when archived. If objects or properties are changed, you'll need to mirror them on the DocuShare Archive server, too.

DocuShare Lifecycle Manager

This automates critical time-based events such as document aging and related actions like date-based reviews and expirations. You can set up your lifecycle manager policies to monitor different sections and regularly email notifications about which documents are ready for review and possible deletion. The email includes links to delete the content. It's a well thought-out bolt-on utility that can complement, but not substitute for a DocuShare Archive Server. If you'd like to see how policies are set up or what the email notification looks like, please call for a brief web conference appointment.

FlexiCapture 10 Release 3 available (Build:

You can download the software, release notes, and installation guide from  if you have a current support contract with ABBYY. If not, call us and we'll work with you on that.
Key New Features include:
• “Front office” scenario implementation – WEB Capture Station
• Web UI for Scanning Station
• Localization on 5 more languages
• Fast matching of missed fields in flexible sections
• Graceful stop of the Processing Server and Stations
• Automatic clean up on Administration and Monitoring Console
• Improvements in FlexiLayout Studio 10

DocuMob for iPhone and iPad

Need to access DocuShare from your iPhone? There's an app for that - on iTunes in the AppStore. Search for "DocuMob" and you can try it for free with their default DocuShare site where they target a particular top level collection. If you like the interface you can purchase a per-server license for each (probably only one) DocuShare server you'll be accessing. Without this, DocuShare's interface is too large to accommodate the tiny iPhone screen, but DocuShare looks just fine on iPads. Still, you might prefer DocuMob.

DocuShare customizations

This is an open offer to address any needs you may have for DocuShare customizations for appearance and function. You may recall our recent announcement of the PDF Stamper involving a custom Java Server Page (JSP) that updates a stamp imposed on every page conveying information about the document such as how long product pricing or certain terms are considered valid. We can perform other functions and utilize the checkboxes to move content or process marked documents for downloading, email, or print. We can also add custom properties to show in collection views. If you have a need for anything like this, please call or write with your requirements.

FlexiCapture FormDesigner Tip

If you're setting your fields in FormDesigner so that they carry over to your document definition, but you're having trouble seeing how to rename your fields, try this. Select View > Document Structure and then click on the field name, pause, and click again to edit and rename the field, much as you would rename a file in Windows. You can also select Edit > Rename Field. As long as we're on the topic, you can also click on the Constraints tab for the field element and Add an "Allows values rule" to limit which characters would be accepted into the field (e.g. only digits) or set a "Regular expression rule" to indicate a pattern that should be met as in a phone number field. For example, use [0-9]{3}[\-][0-9]{3}[\-][0-9]{4} that would look like 214-420-4939 and wouldn't accept BR-549.

Windows WebDAV interface

DocuShare 2.0 was the first commercial product released with WebDAV support and other vendors have followed. This was a feature that Microsoft later provided in Windows XP which was used by a few customers over the years allowing them to navigate DocuShare as if it were a file server with the capability of downloading, locking, uploading, and unlocking your documents. It's crude compared with the DocuShare Windows Client, but it's fast and simple. It was available on Windows XP, but not on Windows 7 due to Microsoft's change from basic authentication to digest authentication for security reasons. Xerox is looking into this for a possible fix, but in the meantime there are two products I've found that will allow you to interact with DocuShare using these Windows Explorer plug-ins that let you map servers and/or collections to drive letters while also supporting UNC paths. It's understood that Linux and Mac platforms work fine without these.

WebDrive - WebDAV enablement for Windows 7 with synchronization option. Volume pricing is available working it's way down from $70 per user.
NetDrive - like WebDrive, but less expensive at $29 with volume pricing. It's free for home use. NetDrive is less versatile overall and I've also found it to be slower.

The main reason for purchasing either of these is to maintain information linked between spreadsheets and documents. You need a predictable and reliable path for the links to update, just as you would when mapping to a file server where you store your files.

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