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July 2012

ABBYY Recognition Server 3.5 released

Autonomy updates for DocuShare 6.5.3 & 6.6.1

The Circle of Life ... and Shredders

New feature alert for FlexiCapture 10r3

DocuShare options for saving Word documents

SaaS for DocuShare and data capture needs


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Key information for both users and decision makers regarding

Xerox DocuShare and ABBYY recognition products.

ABBYY Recognition Server 3.5 released

While we're waiting for the next major release of Recognition Server, we've received a significant interim release you'll want to consider upgrading to.  You can download this latest release from along with the release notes, admin guide, and OpenAPI documentation.

Key New Features
> New version of technologies
> Arabic language OCR
> E-mail sending enhancements
> 17% higher accuracy of areas detection during document analysis.
> 33% higher accuracy of table elements detection and recognition.
> Enhanced PDF with MRC quality
> New version of the Scanning Station: scripts support.  Scripts allow implementing more flexible import processes. The following scenarios can be implemented using scripts:
~> Placing scanned pages in the correct order after duplex scanning
~> Auto-split of large-size pages after scanning
~> Automatic filling of registration parameters for newly created batches and documents
~> Quality check of pages with an external component
~> Possibility to save pages to two export targets simultaneously, one of which can be used for back-up
Scripts can be launched either automatically (in response to certain events) or by an explicit user command.

You'll want to read the release notes to determine if there are enhancements or fixes that may positively affect your production.

Autonomy updates for DocuShare 6.5.3 & 6.6.1

We've seen one or two cases where an Acrobat PDF emitter included with applications such as Reform Enterprise will save PDFs that aren't searchable in the latest versions of DocuShare and we've had to install previous versions of the Autonomy filters to ensure all works as expected.  Xerox has addressed this with updates that you can apply downloadable from the DoUG site under DocuShare 6.6.1 Patches and Updates as ds6-filter7.5.3-content7.5.13-windows

If you're seeing problems searching PDFs from some sources, you may want to install this update and hotfix.


The Circle of Life ... and Shredders

No, we're not talking Eddie Van Halen here, but most organizations need good shredders when they're scanning hardcopy to digitize their documents.  We've found the king of corporate shredders in Fellowes and now carry them in our store at  We've listed primarily cross-cut shredders, but can also price strip and microfine models for you on request.  If your organization needs to shred, but doesn't require whole document disposal, then look at our recommended picks.  They're so good you'll want to bring your junk mail to work.

Remember that when you scan documents, never shred them until you're certain your document management system has been backed up.  It's pretty hard to unshred your documents to rescan them.


Neat new feature in FlexiCapture Distributed 10 Release 3's Project Setup Station

There's a filter above the batch view where you can select which types of batches you want to display based on their current stage of processing, prefixes in the batch name, an ID number or range of ID numbers, or documents with unique IDs.  One basic setting is "All batches except processed" that clears finished jobs from your view.

Click on the graphic to see where your filter options appear on your batch listing.

click for larger view

DocuShare options for saving Word documents

When you've installed the DocuShare Windows Client you'll find it tries to make it easy for you to save documents in DocuShare to secure and share with others.  Not every document goes right to DocuShare, though, so I've found what determines whether the doorway to Windows is available in the upper left corner of the dialog window when saving a Word document to DocuShare.

Open a Word document and ...

Action Result
1) click on the Save (blue diskette) icon. Doorway available
2) click on File > Save As Doorway available
3) click on File > Save Document to DocuShare Doorway not available as you’ve chosen to use DocuShare exclusively

If you look at the settings for File > DocuShare you’ll see you can choose between saving to your local system or saving to DocuShare.  If you choose Native File Browse Dialog, you’ll find it difficult to make your way to DocuShare using Actions 1 and 2.

If you choose DocuShare File Browse Dialog, you’ll find the doorway to Windows as an option to filing in DocuShare using Actions 1 and 2.

Check your File > DocuShare > Settings options for the behavior you prefer.  Choose DocuShare File Browse Dialog when you more often save documents to DocuShare.


SaaS for DocuShare and data capture needs

If you're looking for help managing DocuShare or for gathering data from forms and documents to feed your databases and to store your documents, give us a call to discuss your requirements and desirements.  What's causing you grief at the end of the day?  We can put a DocuShare server in place for you and host it backed by our expertise and take much of the concerns about backups and upgrades off your hands.  We can combine this with workflows, eforms, scan-to-file, and email integration.  We'll work with you for small projects or on large, scalable installations. 

Call us at 972-492-4428.  This really requires a phone call to get started.


Criteria First, Inc. is a value-added reseller for ABBYY, Xerox DocuShare, FabSoft, and various other manufacturers.
We're located in Carrollton Texas and can be reached at 972-492-4428 or

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