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August 2012

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ABBYY Recognition Server 3.5 available now
Buyers Lab Picks for Trend-Setting Product of the Year!
Buyers Lab Honors Ten Imaging Solutions with Summer 2012 "Pick" Awards
Digital Signature Pads
SQL Server Express documents limit
DocuShare Windows Client add-ons
Why it's difficult to see our DocuShare site now
DocuShare Access Data Retention
DocuShare and FlexiCapture application hosting


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Key information for both users and decision makers regarding

Xerox DocuShare and ABBYY recognition products.

ABBYY Recognition Server 3.5 available now

ABBYY announces a new release of its leading document capture and conversion software ABBYY Recognition Server. The latest version 3.5 is built upon a new generation of ABBYY's OCR and PDF conversion technologies, offering enhanced language support and document conversion functionality:

  • Improved quality of PDF files - With new compression algorithms, Recognition Server 3.5 considerably improves visual quality of PDF files.

  • New Scanning Station with scripting support - By using custom scripts, an administrator can create specific scenarios for automating certain scanning operations, such as placing scanned pages in the correct order after duplex scanning, auto-splitting of large-size pages or saving pages to multiple destinations.

  • Email sending scenario enhancements - For images sent for conversion by email it is possible to preserve the initial subject of the email or customize it.

  • Newly added Arabic OCR - ABBYY Recognition Server 3.5 now supports recognition of Arabic texts with highly accurate results.

You can download this latest release from along with the release notes, admin guide, and OpenAPI documentation.  You'll want to read the release notes to determine if there are enhancements or fixes that may positively affect your production.

Buyers Lab Pick for Trend-Setting Product of the Year!

ABBYY FlexiCapture® 10 was picked to be Outstanding Enterprise Capture Solution by BLI (Buyers Laboratory). BLI gives special recognition to the software products that provided the most outstanding performances in BLI's evaluations. "Pick" winners rise above the competition in key areas such as value, feature set, ease of use, ease of administration, hardware compatibility, software integration, security and support.

Buyers Lab Honors Ten Imaging Solutions with Summer 2012 "Pick" Awards

ABBYY FlexiCapture 10 Offers Robust, Scalable Document Capture

Xerox’s DocuShare Platform Takes Two BLI “Pick” Awards including Outstanding Enterprise Content Management Solution

Digital Signature Pads

Would you like to be able to easily apply signatures to Word, Excel, and PDF documents. Our line of Topaz signature pads can help you. Look oer our product line and see if there's a unit that meets your needs. We get a lot of interest in our BlueTooth model, but you may prefer all the USB models offered.

SQL Server Express documents limit

Wondering how many documents your DocuShare 6.X can hold when running on SQL Server Express? Based on what we'd seen for a site containing no custom objects and only a half dozen custom document properties, you would see a limit of about 220,000 documents. Then it would stop accepting more documents.  If you're nearing 200,000 documents, migrate your database to a higher capacity SQL Server license.

DocuShare Windows Client add-ons

The DocuShare Windows Client (DSClient) version 6.5.1 build 24 (or higher) has the following new utilities.

  • Upload PST Utility – Lets you upload an Outlook Personal Folder into DocuShare.
  • Export server file and mail Utility – Lets you download files and mail from DocuShare.
  • Compare local and DocuShare files - Lets you compare a local file and a DocuShare file and update with the later version. (This requires WebDAV, so this may only work for Windows XP systems for now.)
Why it's difficult to see our DocuShare site now

Xerox only gives our demo server 5 Guest CALs instead of 100 as they used to for  Because Google and other site crawlers like to frequently look for additions and changes, they use up our guest slots and you can't get in. If your site is exposed to the Internet for guest access, you may be experiencing the same problem. You can put a robots.txt file on your site which is a flag to the crawlers to leave you alone. In our case, we have useful content to share and we want you to be able to find it through various search engines. I've decided to set up two command line events to change DocuShare access for only logged in users at night ...
dsservice server siteAccess user
... and then revert to guest access during the day ...
dsservice server siteAccess guest
Will this discourage the crawlers or just make them concentrate on our site more during the day to defeat the purpose of my scripts?  I'm using System Scheduler for this, a utility from You might want to check it out. Will this work? So far, not so good. Crawlers, you may have to say hello to my Robots.txt file.

DocuShare Access Data Retention

Before upgrading, remember to delete your trashcan and check your audit records retention.
Access Data Retention: The number of days to keep the access tracking data. The default is 365 days; -1 represents an infinite number of days. When upgrading, be sure that you set your Admin Home > Site Management > Access Tracking > Access Data Retention value to the same that it was before if you're upgrading to new hardware or even new drives. Not doing this can put a strain on your database once you change from read-only to read-write under Site Operations. If you're upgrading without changing hardware you will retain your configuration files and you shouldn't see a problem. Saving more than a year of access data will drive up the size of your database.

DocuShare and FlexiCapture application hosting

If you're looking for help managing DocuShare or for gathering data from forms and documents to feed your databases and to store your documents, give us a call to discuss your requirements and desirements.  What's causing you grief at the end of the day?  We can put a DocuShare server in place for you and host it backed by our expertise and take much of the concerns about backups and upgrades off your hands.  We can combine this with workflows, eforms, scan-to-file, and email integration.  We'll work with you for small projects or on large, scalable installations. 

Call us at 972-492-4428.  This really requires a phone call to get started.

Criteria First, Inc. is a value-added reseller for ABBYY, Xerox DocuShare, FabSoft, and various other manufacturers.
We're located in Carrollton Texas and can be reached at 972-492-4428 or

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