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October 2012

In this issue:

ABBYY FlexiCapture 10r4
Xerox DocuShare 6.6.1 Patch 3
New feature added to FS2DS
FineReader 11 video review
DocuShare 6.6 Best Practices
Maintain your DocuShare database
Backup your DocuShare content index
DocuShare's Trashcan
ABBYY acquires translation and localization firm
Acrobat Pro alternative
Hosted doc mgt and data capture


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Use FS2DS to quickly and easily upload folders and files into DocuShare
We have the best prices anywhere for scanners and accessories and extended warranties.

Key information for users and decision makers regarding

Xerox DocuShare and ABBYY recognition products.

ABBYY FlexiCapture 10 release 4

The new changes are focused primarily on features in the Distributed Edition and include more ability to access and use FlexiCapture via the browser.  You can use the full Verification station in a browser now, not just the Data Verification station, and the Scanning station web functionality has also been extended.  There's also a new Web Capture station that combines the scanning and verification functions within a browser interface.  There's not a new brochure for this, but you should read the Release Notes to review the new features.  If you're current on your ABBYY maintenance and upgrade assurance contract, you can download and install it from along with the Administrator Installation Guide.  If you have further questions, please call.

Xerox DocuShare 6.6.1 Patch 3 is available.

Upon applying this patch, DocuShare Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server configurations will use cursor rather than direct for its SelectMethod. It's a little unclear whether the patch changes your configuration for this, but they show where and how to make the change yourself if it doesn't. Be sure to restart DocuShare afterward for it to take effect if you have to edit the configuration yourself.

New feature added to FS2DS

It's one thing to import all the files from your file server into DocuShare, but you hate to lose the perspective you gain from seeing the creation or modification dates on the file that was imported. We've added a feature that gathers the original dates and gives you the option to sweep through and reset the dates shown in DocuShare to match the date from the file server. There's no trial for this product as it works too fast and easy to have any reason to purchase it after a test. For more information, see  If you'd previously purchased FS2DS, contact us for a free upgrade.

Video review with High Praise for ABBYY FineReader 11

The editors of PC Magazine gave FineReader 11 a score of 4.5 out of 5 and called it "the highest-power OCR software on the market, indispensable for anyone who needs fast, accurate text recognition."

DocuShare 6.6 Best Practices

Here's a brief document you'll actually have time to read. It's a compilation from DocuShare Support with tips for setting up and maintaining your DocuShare site. It may be too brief for some of you old pros, but there's probably a few good tips for you.

How To Maintain and Optimize the SQL Database for DocuShare

Many customers overlook this operation. You should set this up as a repeating task in SQL Server Enterprise Studio as a weekly operation. The following article is from Xerox' DocuShare Knowledgebase.

Back up your document content index, too

There are briefs on how to backup the IDOL content index ...

... and how to set the DocuShare state to read-only and back to normal ...

The idoltool tool can be a bit wonky when used in command line mode. I recommend using the backup command like so in Windows:

echo backup e:\Temp\IDOL_backup content | idoltool.bat

Change "e:\Temp\IDOL_backup" to whatever temporary directory you want to store the backup in. This directory must be empty before running the command. You may want to run the IDOL backup command once manually to get a feel for how long it takes.

Backing up and restoring your Autonomy IDOL index should be done weekly at the same time you back up your DocuShare database. In the event of a problem, you should be able to restore your database, index, and repository from the same date and time period. There are options to reindex only the last few days if there's a gap from your backup date to the restore date. This can save days in reindexing for large sites.

DocuShare's Trashcan

Don't forget that DocuShare's trashcan should be considered the first line of defense for restoring deleted documents for users.  You can expunge (delete) the trashcan's expired content once a week or at the end of the month using a batch file or script with the command lines:

dstrashcan -q -f c:\logs\dstrashcan_expired.csv list expired

dstrashcan -q expunge expired

The first line lists everything about to be expunged and is very useful in the event someone wants you to restore this from backup media.

ABBYY is Joining Forces with Connective Language Services to Strengthen its Position in the US Translation and Localization Market

Now ABBYY Language Services offers translation and multilingual localization services for all industries into more than 80 European and Asian languages, and develops cutting-edge technologies aiding translation and localization processes that can help save significant time and money by improving the quality and performance of translators’ work.

Save money on your full-featured PDF package

Looking for something less expensive than Adobe Acrobat Professional ($450 list) that will interface nicely with DocuShare and support digital signatures? Nuance PDF Converter Enterprise 8 ($150 list) comes with DocuShare checkout/in and versioning support and a closely matching feature set when compared to Acrobat X Pro. You can download a 30 day trial and run it through the paces from

Once installed, clicking on a PDF quickly opens it within the browser, but you can right-click and select "Open with PDF Professional 8" to open it within the native Windows application. I'm not sure why they don't indicate "Enterprise" rather than "Professional", but if that's as quirky as it gets, I can live with that.

DocuShare and FlexiCapture application hosting

If you're looking for help managing DocuShare or for gathering data from forms and documents to feed your databases and to store your documents, give us a call to discuss your requirements and desirements.  You can verify your own documents if you like or we can do that for you.  We can put a DocuShare virtual server in place for you and host it backed by our expertise and take much of the concerns about backups and upgrades off your hands.  We can combine this with workflows, eforms, scan-to-file, and email integration.  We'll work with you for small projects or on large, scalable installations. 

Call us at 972-492-4428.  This really requires a phone call to get started.

Criteria First, Inc. is a value-added reseller for ABBYY, Xerox DocuShare, FabSoft, and various other manufacturers.
We're located in Carrollton Texas and can be reached at 972-492-4428 or

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