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April 2013 issue:


How to Replicate a Production FlexiCapture Project for Development and Testing
ABBYY Recognition Server video overview
ABBYY FlexiCapture video overview
Handling Recognition Server rejections
KM World article features DocuShare customer
DocuPage Pro Release 3.2
Scantron Cognition upgrades
IDOL changes to searching and its effects on DocuShare scripts

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Key information for users and decision makers regarding

Xerox DocuShare and ABBYY recognition products.

How to Replicate a Production FlexiCapture Project for Development and Testing
Can you get by using only your production server without having to pay extra for a test server? It depends on how rigorous your testing is, but in many cases you can perform testing on your production FlexiCapture server if you follow these guidelines.
How to Replicate a Production FlexiCapture Project for Development and Testing.pdf
ABBYY Recognition Server video overview (under four minutes)[video]/0/
ABBYY FlexiCapture video overview (under four minutes)
Handling Recognition Server rejections
Q: Does my ABBYY Recognition Server 3.X license charge for pages in documents that are rejected for one reason or another?
A: No, RS3 doesn't charge you for rejects. If you have documents that reject due to a value you set for allowable percentage of uncertain characters or for the maximum amount of time allowed to process the file, try creating another workflow set at a lower priority to process these documents without such restrictions so that they'll have a chance to be processed. Let the input folder for that new workflow be the same as the rejects folder for the current one. In that way you won't have to manually reprocess them.
Rotation can be a common problem. If you're having a problem with reading documents with multiple rotations of text on them and the less valuable text is overriding the more valuable text, then try creating an area template that excludes a common location for the rotated text. Enter "apply area template" in Help for more information on how to set up an area template.
KM World article features DocuShare customer
Skip to the subheading of "Transformation of a team".
DocuPage Pro Release 3.2
You can now capture the data entered when documents are uploaded so that the data can be used elsewhere. Tabbing order was improved to streamline input. You can now upload to cloned document objects (invoices, claims, etc.) using scripted mode.
Adds ability to upload documents usiyg DocuShare 6.X Content Intake Mode via FTP and SFTP.
Allows punctuation and accent characters in the headers generated by your fieldnames. Most don't use apostrophes in their fieldnames so this hadn't shown up as a problem before, but a customer brought us an example of such a CSV file. It caused a problem with querying the underlying database, but no more. The latest release of DAVupDoc is now available in our store.
Scantron Cognition upgrades
Scantron Cognition was based on ABBYY FormReader 6.X. You can easily import your batch setups into new FlexiCapture projects and quickly be ready to process your documents. You may have to make a few tweaks and enable pages, but even some of the proprietary scripting is converted into the project. If you have Cognition and would like to upgrade, we'll show you how that's done. FlexiCapture is much more versatile than Cognition / FormReader.
IDOL changes to searching and its effects on DocuShare scripts
Problem: DocuShare 6.5 and 6.6 indexing excludes the ability to search for collections and other content named "A", "I", "ME", and "OR". This can be a problem when creating a filing heirarchy using an initial level of collections consisting of only the first character of the title. e.g. A for ABC Company.
Resolution: Xerox recommended solution: Edit the exclusion list is under \IDOLServer\IDOL\langfiles\english.dat The words contained in this file are excluded to make for quicker searches. Delete these and any other words you'd like indexed or for which you'd like to have the ability to search. However, this didn't actually work for us.
Criteria First recommended solution: The problem is the Autonomy IDOL server search engine excludes "A", "I", ME, and "OR" anyway. If you're filing by state, you'll have to spell out Maine and Oregon if your upload tool or process uses searching to determine if the collection already exists. If there's an option to create a collection not found, it will result in redundant creation of these collections and throw off your filing process.
The better solution is to use DocuShare's new Content Intake Module (CIM) to file your documents. All the filing information is coded into an XML description of your file(s) and zipped together with them. If you'd appreciate the convenience of a software tool to quickly install and configure to create the xml file with the complete file path for your documents along with their metadata you should consider our products: DAVLoader, DAVupDoc, and FS2DS.
You'll find details on each in our online store at

    Criteria First, Inc. is a value-added reseller for ABBYY, Xerox DocuShare, and various other manufacturers.  We're located in Carrollton Texas and can be reached at 972-492-4428 or

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