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September 2013 issue

FlexiCapture Invoice Accelerator Basic
FlexiCapture 10.5 Release 6 is now available
IT Tip of the Month
Xerox DocuMate 5445 or 5460 promotion
ABBYY's SharePoint iFilter
ScanSnap iX500 WiFi scanner
Report distribution made easy
Digital signatures


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Capture data and store your documents in DocuShare.

Download this brochure outlining using FlexiCapture with DocuShare. Call for details relevant to your requirements.


We have the best prices anywhere for scanners and accessories and extended warranties.


Key information for users and decision makers regarding

Xerox DocuShare and ABBYY recognition products.

Is ABBYY's FlexiCapture Invoice Accelerator Basic right for you?

We're pleased to see this offering from ABBYY, but it's the first of several offerings coming this way and this is first one is not very sophisticated. To begin, invoices must be limited to one page for the Invoice Accelerator to work. Also, no line items capabilities are available yet with this offering. You can, however, extend the features once you license the software, but ABBYY wouldn't support the offering at that point. Your ABBYY VAR may, but not ABBYY. Some nice features include a simple approach with very few embedded scripts you'd have to learn in order to extend and it uses external variables lists in text files for vendor lookups for verification processes. Of course, FlexiCapture offers database lookups, too, but you'd want to implement a picklist tool to add or change the list whereas text files are easy to alter. That's your choice. If you want more sophisticated capabilities and don't care to wait for ABBYY's next edition for invoice and purchase order support you could just call us and we'll suppport your multi-page invoices and POs and implement either text or database driven lookup tables for you.

This is now available for download and evaluation from 

You'll need to request a trial license for this.

More info:

FlexiCapture 10.5 Release 6 is now available

The latest release of FlexiCapture now retains information from email such as sender name, subject line verbiage, and date & time which can be retained and used in processing. A key advantage to this is when invoices have highly stylized company names or just logos that can't be recognized as text which make it difficult to determine who the sender is, you can now do a lookup against the sender of the email, perhaps stripping out the company's domain name. Again, this reduces the hands-on processing for the invoice in having a user key-in or select the vendor from a long list of possibilities. Another use may be in returning a document to the sender that's not in an image based format, such as a Word or Excel document.
For more information on the latest release notes or to download this to upgrade your current installation, go to

IT Tip of the Month

Are your users always forgetting their initial password? Use "incorrect" as the default password and then have your system make them change it for further use. If they forget and enter something else the system will tell them, "Your password is incorrect". Fewer calls for you. (yes, this is just a joke)

Xerox Last Chance for Free Advance Exchange Warranty on two very good desktop scanners

Take advantage of the free three-year Advance Exchange Warranty with every purchase of a Xerox DocuMate 5445 or 5460. Offer ends Sept. 30, 2013. Features:

  • 45ppm / 90ipm at 200 dpi (5445)
  • 60ppm / 120ipm at 200 dpi (5460)
  • Reliable paper feed mechanism with double-feed prevention
  • Convenient 75-page ADF capacity
  • Batch scan mixed paper and hard cards
  • Energy saving and instant-on use of LED technology
  • Great software bundle including Nuance PaperPort, OmniPage Pro, and PDF Converter and Visioneer software for easier use and sharper images.
Will ABBYY's SharePoint iFilter work in the 2013 edition?

No. Not yet, anyway. None of the existing iFilters in SharePoint 2013 may be replaced.  Microsoft cites they don't allow that to assure the overall stability of the system. So, finally Microsoft acknowledges the need to index PDFs and they take steps to lock out all other players that could bring additional functionality to their systems by adding ...

  • capture of annotations (sticky notes and other comments),
  • preservation of bookmarks,
  • capture of text in form fields,
  • capture of embedded XMP metadata,
  • and submission to OCR/ICR engines for conversion and data capture.

ABBYY has been speaking with Microsoft about opening the door for products like Recognition Server. If this is an area of concern to you, be sure to let Microsoft know. Meanwhile, ABBYY is preparing a way to address this with their next major release of Recognition Server 4 due in January 2014.

ScanSnap iX500 scanner with wifi interface to your smartphone.

Scan directly to your smartphone and take the image on the road with you or send it to others. This could be great for expense reports as our experience in snapping photos of documents and receipts is generally disappointing. Maybe a mobile scanner isn't such a bad idea after all. We have several models that are powered by the USB connection and fit nicely in your PC bag.
See everything the ScanSnap iX500 has to offer, visit

Report distribution made easy

This is the easy and straightforward way to address your daily distribution of reports. Here are a couple of screenshots showing how this is set up. Content Rules comes with 10 CPX (power user) CALs for creators of rules and shared workspaces. Shared workspaces are like My DocuShare, but for teams to collaborate on projects.
Click here to download the DocuShare Report Distribution write-up with illustrations.

Digital signatures

Dilbert does e-signatures (click for larger view)

The best way to handle documents that require signatures in most cases is by using electronic forms, especially if there's information you require of another. Having fields and integrated signature capability is ideal. There's an update to DocuShare's LiquidOffice based eForms module called APA for Autonomy Process Automation. It works more smoothly in most environments than the version you may now have, so contact your DocuShare Value-Added Reseller or Xerox sales rep for more information.

We also sell Access Formatta which now supports Wacom signature pads for "wet" signatures on eForms. We sell both Formatta and Wacom pads, so call if you'd like more information.

You'll find details on more document management products in our online store at:

Criteria First, Inc. is a value-added reseller for ABBYY, Xerox DocuShare, and various other manufacturers.  We're located in Carrollton Texas and can be reached at 972-492-4428 or

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