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April 2014 issue

Caring for your DocuShare installation
Using DocuShare document routing
Support for latest/earliiest releases
Eye Ease
DocuShare's Change History feature
Fujitsu introduces PaperStream


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Key information for users and decision makers regarding

Xerox DocuShare and ABBYY recognition products.

Caring for your DocuShare Installation

This is a brief whitepaper we've written for DocuShare administrators and key users that will provide some insight for making sure your DocuShare server is resiliant and fully serving its user base. There are tips and tools noted that should interest you. We've put these together in a white paper for you to access from our website at Caring for your DocuShare installation.

Using DocuShare document routing to update a Word document

Many of our customers have never ventured into the world of document routing, although it's a very useful feature in DocuShare. So, what are the steps to sending a document around for others to review and possibly update? What if there is more than one update from all your route-y friends? Well, you can download them and merge the best changes they have to offer and publish the best of the best as a new version with your wise comments. Here is the link to the outline for document routing.  This doesn't cover all the uses for document routing or multi-step routing, but it's a good start.

Support for latest and earlier releases

If you're a DocuShare customer you should know that Xerox DocuShare Support will assist you in resolving issues for versions 6.5.3 and 6.6.1, but not for 6.0.1 and earlier releases. If you are running an earlier release their response will be to get you upgraded to a supported release and then see if the problem still exists and, if so, resolve that issue. If you're not on a supported release, you should address at your earliest slight inconvenience (no one really enjoys upgrading software).

We currently have DocuShare version 6.5.3 and 6.6.1 running on multiple servers including our own licensed DocuShare server which remains current with the latest releases. We also have DocuShare Archive Server running to better support customers. We understand customers have been inconvenienced by installing new versions and updates in good faith only to find there were one or more problems in them. We will install the latest updates on our demo server as soon as they are available to see if the release is stable and work with DocuShare Support on any issues we see. Fortunately, that is rarely a problem.

If you're an ABBYY customer, know they will support current major releases and all point releases, but they will urge you to install the latest release. We're currently running Recognition Server 3.5 release 2, which reads as version where "3.5.0" is considered to be release 1. Version 3.5.2 (release 3) is available, but Recognition Server 4.0 is due to release within two months so we'll probably hold off. We urge customers to stay on the latest releases and try to remain in sync with the version most are using, so sometimes we lag behind a bit, too. We're running three of the latest releases of FlexiCapture 10 so that projects passed back and forth don't encounter minor incompatibilities. We may still recommend you upgrade to a new release at times. If you need help with this, just give us a call.

We read the release notes for our products when they're available looking for fixes and features that address needs or concerns of our customers. We often contact customers when we find something of interest to them. Then we install it and examine new features. We've also done some fairly extensive scalability performance testing with Recognition Server by adding more processing servers and cores and timing jobs against a fixed set of test documents. This helps us predict improvements that you could see when scaling up for more volume and/or shorter timeframes.

Eye Ease

I had what I thought was an interesting idea. Why not send out the newsletter in larger type? Then again, it's so easy to increase the size of the type in your email or browser that it shouldn't be necessary. I wondered how many people understand how to use simple keyboard and mouse controls to make their reading a little larger? Generally speaking, when reading your email you can hold down the Ctrl key and roll your mouse wheel forward to make your type larger and roll it back to make it smaller. If you're viewing this newsletter in your browser you can hold down the Ctrl key and press "+" for a magnified view and Ctrl "-" to make the page smaller. Ctrl "0" (zero) returns the page to normal size. You'd be surprised how many people don't know this. I know someone whose husband told her he programmed her computer to undo an action with Ctrl "z" and she believed it for years. She was later surprised to find other computers could do this, too. I had a conversation with an IT director some months ago that I helped to copy a file by guiding him on the phone to click on a file and do Ctrl "c" followed by Ctrl "z". Wow!, right? You'll generally see these keystroke combos written as Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V, but explaining Ctrl++ in this article may have been confusing to some. We serve everyone at all levels here.

How can I tell if they've looked at my documents?

If you haven't used the Change History feature in DocuShare 6.5.3 and 6.6.1, then this could be a useful exercise for you. Let's say you update a document that your manager and peers have been waiting to see. You check in your new version and go to the water cooler a little later expecting to hear accolades from them, but ... nothing. No email ... nothing. Have they even looked at it? Did they receive an automatic notification (you can set that up yourself, you know) or did you write an email note to them and post a link or suggest they check What's New? End the mystery by clicking on the document's properties icon and looking for Change History on the left. Click on that and you're offered the chance to show the ten latest touches (check-outs, check-ins, viewings, etc.) or modify the report settings to expand or narrow the scope. Hit the Go button and look at the report to see who's done what. Nothing? I think it's time to route the document and request that others acknowledge reading your documents. If you haven't used document routing, give it a try. The escalation option let's DocuShare nag (remind) them if they haven't looked at it within a reasonable time frame and report back to you with their progress.  Check with your DocuShare administrator to discuss settings to determine what actions are being tracked that enable you to audit such activities.  Only a few actions are enabled by default.

Fujitsu introduces PaperStream

Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc. is pleased to announce that the following scanners below now include market-leading document imaging capabilities with bundled PaperStream IP drivers and PaperStream Capture software. The former provides VRS-like capabilities in that it comprises image clean-up methods so that your scanned images are clearer and straightened on the page which is important for OCR processing. PaperStream Capture provides some rudimentary image tagging capabilities, but nothing that I saw particularly useful for those dealing with document or content management systems. DocuShare users should look to DocuPage Pro for that.

The release of the PaperStream software is currently associated with just some of their scanners. Any of these ordered from will come with PaperStream IP and a trial of PaperStream Capture. Here are the Fujitsu scanners benefitting from this new software:

  • fi-6110
  • fi-5530C2
  • fi-5950
  • fi-6670
  • fi-6770

Coming soon: ABBYY Recognition Server 4.0

If you'd like to know more about using Xerox DocuShare in a cloud environment and costs associated with it, inquire about our DocuShare hosting services.

You'll find details on more document management products in our online store at:

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