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July 2014 issue

DocuShare Drive User Tip
ABBYY FineReader 12
Epson scanners on sale
Case Studies
Reasons for Using Data Capture
Overcoming a Problem Using the DocuShare iOS Mobile Client
FlexiCapture stations usage
Using non-IE browsers with DocuShare


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Epson DS-560 wireless scanner

Epson DS-560

A wireless scanner for notebook PC and tablet users that don't want to be tied down with cables.  Now if you can just get your dog to load documents for you while you watch TV ...


For more scanners at deeply discounted prices, visit our store at CriteriaFirstWare

Key information for users and decision makers regarding

Xerox DocuShare and ABBYY recognition products.

DocuShare Drive 1.0 User Tip

You have to uninstall the DocuShare Windows Client before installing the DocuShare Drive. If you have mapped collections, make a note of them before uninstalling the DocuShare Windows Client. You'll be able to create typical Windows shortcuts to them afterwards just as you would for folders on your PC.

There are some differences in behavior between these two interfaces. In the browser and the the DocuShare Windows Client, if you copy a document or collection and paste it elsewhere it will create a new location for it in the DocuShare database so that it appears in multiple locations yet refers to the same object. When copying a collection the object in both locations will have the same collection handle (e.g. Collection-25918). The same is true for documents.
Copying content using the DocuShare Drive creates new content with different handles. It doesn't show new links to the same content as the DocuShare Windows Client would and you won't see multiple locations for the same content.

Moving content using the DocuShare Drive creates retains the same content with the same handles, so it truly does move the content.

If you want another link to the collection or document in DocuShare, create a shortcut of the object and place it where you want it to appear. The shortcut to the collection shows as File-89617 as indicated by a binary file icon in the browser file. Clicking on it opens the desired resource in the DocuShare Drive window. The browser won't attempt to show you the content of a binary file. If you want to jump to another collection within the browser, create a URL object to do that.

DocuShare Drive can be downloaded from System requirements are provided on the DocuShare Drive web page.

ABBYY FineReader 12

FineReader 12 makes it faster and easier for you to create editable, searchable files and e-books from scans, PDFs and digital photos.  Download the free trial version and test drive these new features:

  • Faster conversion and better accuracy
  • Instant document opening and background processing
  • Easy text extraction
  • Seamless conversion of tables and numerical data
  • Image enhancement technology for better-looking documents
  • Faster and easier verification and correction
  • Support for cloud storage workflows
  • Support for Windows® 8
Epson wants to sell some scanners!

July comes with discounts for several Epson scanners. These are well-built and fully-featured scanners that come at a good price and Epson is discounting them to us this month and we've marked down our prices for you. Here are our feature summaries and pricing for each.
Epson DS-510 - a great low-end scanner with speeds up to 26 ppm / 52 ipm
Epson DS-560 - like the DS510, but with wireless connectivity
Epson DS-760 - 45 ppm / 90 ipm
Epson DS-860 - 65 ppm / 130 ipm
Be sure to use our new comparison feature to list their key features side-by-side.

We were busy last year - check out our case studies

Here are a couple of ABBYY case studies of our customers so you can see some of our work.

RCI Safety uses FlexiCapture in their automated process to serve their customers that need to promote, monitor, and report on safety in their workplaces.

PepsiCo has invoice processing centers in Europe and Russia that use FlexiCapture to support multiple languages and invoices within and crossing national borders.  We tuned their system to process their invoices efficiently by supporting these languages and incorporating the needed workflow processes.

Typical reasons for processing invoices and orders using data capture
  • Reduce invoice capture and data entry costs
  • Improve data accuracy and integrity
  • Strengthen internal controls and enforce compliance
  • Decrease the number of duplicate invoices processed
  • Uncover and take advantage of early payment discounts
  • Provide greater overall visibility into AP processes
Overcoming a Problem Using the DocuShare iOS Mobile Client

This is not on the DocuShare Knowledgebase, but recently shared with us from DocuShare Support. Customers are wanting mobile access to DocuShare and this enables such capability. Only the iPhone and iPad are supported at this time, but Xerox is working on an Android interface. I've used the iOS interface on an iPad enough to see that it provides a nice alternative to just using the browser. There's some better use of the limited screen size for these devices. Try it if your users would like more ubiquitous access to DocuShare.
There is still an issue when trying to implement the mobile interface if you're using DocuShare's Windows Authentication for your users.  Get the article here.

Determining which FlexiCapture stations are in use and who’s using them

This short article written by Russell shows the administrator or managers accessing FlexiCapture's web-based administration and reporting server how to determine if Verification or Scanning stations are available and who's using them.  Get the article here.

Using DocuShare with browsers other than Internet Explorer

Only Internet Explorer works well enough with the DocuShare Windows Client to remember where your document belongs when you check it out so that when you close the document you are prompted for version information and the document checks itself back in.  This was always a great convenience to IE users, but many no longer use IE.

Using DocuShare with the Chrome browser
Q: Why doesn't my document open when I click on it?
A: Once you've downloaded the file, click on the "v" icon just to the right of the file in the downloads bar.  A menu will pop up. Select "always open files of this objectstype".
This is how in Chrome, when you click on a link to a word .doc document, know to open it in Word.  Here's a Google Forum article stating pretty much the same.

Using DocuShare with the FireFox browser
Q: Where did my checked-out document go?
A: They go to C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Temp\
This article from the Firefox Help site shows how to manage downloads and determine which file types are opened vs saved to a particular folder.  Read here.
Here's another article from the DocuShare Knowledgebase regarding Firefox
PDF Files Are Not Displaying in FireFox

If you'd like to know more about using Xerox DocuShare in a cloud environment and costs associated with it, inquire about our DocuShare hosting services.

You'll find details on more document management products in our online store at:

Criteria First, Inc. is a value-added reseller for ABBYY, Xerox DocuShare, and various other manufacturers.  We're located in Carrollton Texas and can be reached at 972-492-4428 or

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