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November 2014 issue

DocuShare Update 3 Release Notes
DocuShare Workflow Cleanup
Calendar Reminders?
FlexiCapture Mobile App
PaperVision to DocuShare Conversion
DocuShare Audit Assistant v2

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Xerox DocuMate 4760

Xerox DocuMate 4700

The DocuMate 4700 is a flatbed scanner rated at 1000 pages per day. This is a great scanner for books, magazines, catalogs, and spreadsheets up to 11x17 inches.  Includes One-Touch scanning to DocuShare and SharePoint.  It can also be connected to a desktop scanner with ADF so that you can use one interface to address both scanners.


For more scanners at deeply discounted prices with the information you need to know and a great scanner comparison page, visit our store at CriteriaFirstWare


Desktop Scanners Comparison example

Key information for users and decision makers regarding

Xerox DocuShare and ABBYY recognition products.

Xerox DocuShare 6.6.1 Update 3 Release Notes

What's New in this Release

  • DocuShare Enterprise configurations now allow the Content Map and Show All button to be enabled. If you are an administrator, you can enable the features on the Site Configuration page in the Administration UI. See the Upgrade Notes below for more information.
  • Members of the Site Administrators group have access to Object Properties in the Administration UI, even when the group is removed from the Content Administrators group.
  • A confirmation message displays when a permission change is made to a large number of objects. This allows the change to be cancelled, if needed.
  • The License page in the Administration UI explains the purpose of the Concurrent Login Sessions field.
  • New version of the Mobile Client Connector to support the Android version of the Xerox Mobile Client for DocuShare (when available).
  • Support for Firefox ESR 24 web browser.
  • Support for PostgreSQL 9.x database.

You can get the full contents of these release notes from Xerox or here on our server at

Be careful to not publicly publish your DocuShare Email Agent address as it would allow anyone to upload anything to your DocuShare server.  Disclose this to your trusted customers and partners and assign an alias to the collection you want them to contribute to. You can also just provide them with the collection handle to use, such as "<To: Collection-1357>".  Set a subscription notification for those responsible for monitoring such collections for input so they can receive an email notice right away with links to the email or document.

Cleaning up unwanted workflow tasks in DocuShare

Here's how you delete unwanted workflows that appear in Tasks Assigned by Me.

  1. Open the DocuShare Task List and click on the unwanted task. Look toward the end of the URL in the browser view for workFlowJobName= and the number that follows.
  2. Have the DocuShare administrator log in and go to the Admin Home > Components and Services > Workflow > Workflow Server > List Workflows. It should show you the Active workflows by default.  You may also want to view the Completed tasks as well.
  3. Look in the Workflow ID column for the matching number.
  4. Click on the checkbox in the Name column.
  5. Click the Delete button at the bottom.
  6. Confirm that the task has disappeared by refreshing the view in your Task List.

You can delete several tasks at a time after getting the workFlowJobName for your unwanted tasks.

Calendar reminders

Would you be interested in having a feature added to DocuShare to send you a reminder like Outlook does? Reminders would be sent by email, just to keep it simple. If you're interested in this, please let me know along with any other requirements you may have. Remember, too, that DocuShare has a template for email reminders, so you can include other information in the reminder such as the title of the event.

ABBYY FlexiCapture Mobile Capture App for iPhone (unlimited clients)

The ABBYY FlexiCapture Mobile App let's you capture documents at any time from anywhere and submit it for data extraction and filing.  Here's a video that shows processing an invoice remotely.  This video is only a minute and a half long. 

For more information, you may retrieve the Mobile App brochure from

Did I mention the Mobile App is FREE with FlexiCapture?

PaperVision conversion to DocuShare

We'd recently worked with one of the largest school districts in the United States to convert the contents of their old PaperVision document management system to DocuShare.  If you have PaperVision and would like to convert its content to DocuShare, drop us a line or call to discuss your requirements.

DocuShare Audit Assistant 2.0

We've completely rewritten this application to remove the need for Microsoft Access and to provide much greater overall versatility.  DocuShare 6.6.1 allows you to view activity per object one at a time. That's fine if you're just wanting to know the history of a document, but how about a means to sweep one or more users' activities over the course of last year or this month?

  • Who are your most and least active DocuShare users?
  • What documents are they creating and deleting?
  • Do they update documents or just look at them?
  • What features are they using: wikis, blogs, discussion threads?
  • Are they changing permissions on objects?

For more information and to evaluate it using trial license, go to

If you'd like to know more about using Xerox DocuShare in a cloud environment and costs associated with it, inquire about our DocuShare hosting services.

You'll find details on more document management products in our online store at:

Criteria First, Inc. is a value-added reseller for ABBYY, Xerox DocuShare, and other manufacturers.  We're located at 3303 Greenglen Circle in Carrollton Texas 75007 and can be reached at 972-492-4428 or

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