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February 2015 issue

FlexiCapture 11R3
DocuShare content sorting behavior
DocuShare OCR Solutions
SQL Server Express backups
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Fujitsu fi-6800 discount coupon

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Panasonic-1065C-V with Kofax Elite VRS (click for specs)

Desktop scanner with muscle on sale with free ground shipping

The Panasonic 1065C-V scanner has excellent paper handling and speed for use with everyday scanning and data capture requiring clean text and images for archival.  It scans at 60 simplex pages per minute and can double that rate when scanning both sides at once.  Kofax Elite VRS will clean your images of background color and noise for optimal OCR results.

Desktop Scanners Comparison


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Key information for users and decision makers regarding

Xerox DocuShare and ABBYY recognition products.

FlexiCapture 11 Release 3 now available

Pardon my not have a new issue last month, but we're awfully busy for a January.  ABBYY quietly issued this latest release New Year's Eve.  There are new features to be found in the ...

  • Document Definition Editor
  • Scanning Station
  • Administration and Monitoring Station
  • Export module
  • Web Scanning and Web Capture Stations
  • FormDesigner
  • FlexiLayout Studio

You can download the installation program, Administrators Guide, and Release Notes from   Call us if you'd like a trial of everything or just the Invoice Accelerator Basic module or a demonstration.  You can also download a sample FlexiCapture project along with a demo database and images to practice with.

Content Sorting Change

Q: How do we change the behavior of the Edited filter to revert to the former behavior?
Formerly, when you clicked "Edited" you would get the most recently uploaded items at the top of the results. Now we have the opposite (oldest items on top). See snip below, sorting a collection after 1 click, displaying the oldest items on top. Can you guide me on a fix?
A: You can modify this yourself, but I've attached a DocuShare VDF template that you can use. [Write to ask for this if you want it.]

  1. Remote desktop to the DocuShare server machine.
  2. Navigate to the Xerox\Docushare\amber\templates\system directory.
  3. Copy the ViewCollection.vdf file.
  4. Navigate to the Xerox\Docushare\amber\templates\local directory.
  5. Paste the ViewCollection.vdf file. NOTE: If this file already exists, then cancel the paste operation and proceed with further steps.
  6. Edit the pasted Xerox\Docushare\amber\templates\local\ViewCollection.vdf file with a plaintext editor (like Notepad).
  7. Look for this line (near line 119).
  8. Alter the last "ascending" to be instead "descending" (see image above; you may need to scroll to the right).
  9. Save the ViewCollection.vdf file.

You have just changed the "click to sort" behavior for all collections on the server so that the first click sorts descending instead of ascending. No DocuShare or server restart is required; changes are instantaneous (for newly opened or refreshed web pages).

DocuShare OCR Solutions

There are a multitude of ways to submit searchable content to DocuShare in the form of PDFs, sometimes the most common document format found on DocuShare servers where archiving is a key use. Xerox has an OCR module that is very easy to install, but requires other modules to be useful. These modules are included with the Enterprise edition, but are add-ons for standard DocuShare servers. Running OCR is a very CPU intensive operation that you may not want grinding away on your DocuShare server. ABBYY FineReader is commonly used in CPU benchmarking for it's intense processor(s) demand and for it's efficient use of multiple cores. If you don't have many users or have little or no automation operations going on, the DocuShare OCR module should be fine.
I've written a one-page document, DocuShare OCR Solutions, that goes into this and two other ways to obtain searchable PDFs in DocuShare. It's not intended as an in-depth use, but if you like brevity - enjoy.
The next document goes into Common Use Cases for the DocuShare OCR Module that further explain how to best implement this approach. Again, it's just one page. My hope is this provides food for thought. Call us and we'll talk. 

Scheduling database backups in SQL Server Express

By using either the SQL Server Management Studio Express or a Transact-SQL script you can ensure that your DocuShare installation won't be made incomplete by some unforeseen problem that causes your server or drives to go bad enough to cause you heartache. We also recommend that you write your backups with a unique date and time stamp if backing up just once a day. If you're backing up several times a day you may prefer to include only the date and append to the same day's backup. The rule of thumb for backups is to back up whenever you've added or changed enough content to be too difficult and time-consuming to replace manually. It's also important to backup your content repository (typically the Documents folder) at roughly the same time so the database and repository would remain in sync upon recovery.
Please read this article if your DocuShare server is running on SQL Server Express. If you're running on MSDE - we need to talk and get you upgraded so you can be properly supported by us and Xerox. Also, the capacity of SQL Server 2005 Express is about 200K documents. SQL Server 2008 or 2012 Express is 2x or 2.5x that capacity. If you have a central SQL Server then don't use a later version of SQL Server Express in case you outgrow it and need to move your database to your main SQL Server as a 2014 or 2012 database isn't backward compatible with earlier versions. Let us know if you'd like help with this. 
Here's a great Microsoft article that goes into detail.
How to schedule and automate backups of SQL Server databases in SQL Server Express

Suggestion Box

Would you be interested in any of the following?

Any thoughts?

DocuShare Cloud Archive Server

DocuShare Content Categorizer

Dynamic Coversheet Creator

Click the suggestion box and tell us how you'd envision any one of them working for you.  We don't want to build these without your input.

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12" x 17"
Min. paper size: 2" x 3" 
Interface:  USB 2.0 
Light Source: LED 

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If you'd like to know more about using Xerox DocuShare in a cloud environment and costs associated with it, inquire about our DocuShare hosting services.

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