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May 2015 issue

Microsoft Office 365 & DocuShare?


FlexiCapture for Invoices


ABBYY's new FlexiCapture for Invoice configuration & pricing model


DocuShare OCR Crawler


Fujitsu Document Scanner fi-6400


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Key information for users and decision makers regarding

Xerox DocuShare and ABBYY recognition products.

Can I use Microsoft Office 365 with DocuShare?

Xerox supports Office 365 with their new DocuShare Drive interface for Windows. Their DocuShare Windows Client will support up through Office 2013 and includes Outlook integration. You can download DocuShare Drive and try it.

ABBYY FlexiCapture for Invoices

With FlexiCapture 11 Release 3 ABBYY now supports their FlexiCapture for Invoices offering that consists of a project that you copy to disk and open as you would any other project. It includes a built-in FlexiLayout they've developed for invoice processing for transactional and line item data. Also included is a database with built-in words and phrases it uses to universally identify fields of data on your invoices and the tables listing line item information. You can train the project to learn any unique (i.e. awfully formatted) invoices by showing it where the missing data is on three or more sample forms. The project is extensible in that you can add more fields to an additional FlexiLayout that is run after the embedded one to pick up terms, shipping, taxes, etc..
ABBYY's new tiered pricing is per invoice based on an average three page invoice.  There's a FlexiCapture for Invoices Starter edition which runs on their Standalone platform for processing up to 20,000 invoices per year or roughly 60K PPY. This Starter offering does not include line items processing. For that you'll want to move up to PRO or above to Enterprise or Premium editions. The cost per invoice ranges from 26 cents per invoice down to 12 cents per invoice for high volume installations. When you consider the overall cost to process an invoice is between $15 and $20 for most organizations, anything that can simplify and speed up this process should be a welcome addition to your efficiency efforts.
This new offering also includes a very striking new feature: Unlimited stations. If your volume grows and you need additional stations, just install them under the FlexiCapture for Invoices licensing model and use them without having to go through a justification and purchase request process. Add more Scanning and Verification stations and spread the work around. This includes the new browser-based Web Capture stations.
Upgrade policy: Upgrades of Invoice Accelerator modules from FlexiCapture 10 or 11 to FlexiCapture for Invoices (same volume) are free until the end of 2015 as long as your MUA is paid up. If you need to upgrade from one FlexiCapture for Invoices editions to another, you need only pay the price difference. You can add more invoices to your license to accommodate right-sizing the solution or growth in your business through new customers or acquisitions.
Video: Accounts Payable Automation with FlexiCapture for Invoices  (5 minutes 25 seconds)

Current Sales

Anything on sale or with another promotional advantage, such as extended warranty offers, can be easily found by clicking on the new Current Sales menu item at the top of the page.

DocuShare OCR Crawler

Easily convert image files in DocuShare to searchable PDFs
Designed primarily for use with ABBYY Recognition Server to provide superior versatility when compared with Xerox' DocuShare OCR Module for a fraction of the price for a typical implementation. This also runs with FineReader Corporation edition for low volume conversion needs.  Convert pre-existing image files and read-only PDFs into searchable PDFs or other revisable formats such as Word, Excel, and ePub formats for mobile users. The price includes the first year of support and maintenance.  You may purchase ABBYY Recognition Server or FineReader Corporate separately or save money buying a bundled solution from us.  See DocuShare OCR Crawler Bundles on the main product page for more information.  We can customize a solution to meet your needs.
We have an analysis tool to list your documents by MIME type to give us an idea of your volume.  Filters for inclusion and exclusion of documents by title included so you can process only those documents you need to convert.

Fujitsu Document Scanner fi-6400

Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc. is pleased to announce a new Mid-Volume production scanner, the Fujitsu Document Scanner fi-6400. Attractively priced with an MSRP of $12,995, it scans 100 pages per minute in landscape. For the paper-intensive back office, the fi-6400 sustains a spectacular throughput, providing businesses with an exceptional ROI. Fujitsu has delivered a trusted production scanner in a quiet and compact footprint.
Visit our store for more information on the fi-6400.  Try New / Updates for other such items.

DocuMate 5445 - PC Magazine's Editors Choice

Featured Product of the Month

Fujitsu fi-6400

Scanning speed:   100 ppm / 200 ipm
Paper capacity: 500 sheets
Max. paper size:
11" x 17"
Min. paper size: 2" x 3"
Interface:  USB 2.0 
Light Source: LED

Post imprinters front / back

This is essentially a slower and less expensive version of the Fujitsu fi-6800 that maintains all the same advanced functionality.

Current Sales

Anything on sale or with another promotional advantage, such as extended warranty offers, can be easily found by clicking on the new Current Sales menu item at the top of the page.

If you'd like to know more about using Xerox DocuShare in a cloud environment and costs associated with it, inquire about our DocuShare hosting services.

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