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CFAxess demonstration video available

CFAxess is our WebDAV based development and runtime solution for developing scripts.  Watch our 14 minute demonstration to get a feel for how you could use CFAxess to automate your DocuShare processes for onboarding, building connectors to other systems, invoice processing, managing users and groups, and setting permissions.  See how fast and easy it can… Continue reading CFAxess demonstration video available

DocuShare 7.6 New Release

Well, here’s a surprise.  I’ve been wondering when a new version would arrive and we’d discovered it while looking for other updates.  We’re getting a DocuShare Roadmap overview soon to determine what to prepare for regarding changes coming down the road.  We won’t be allowed to talk about most of it, but it’s always good… Continue reading DocuShare 7.6 New Release

Two options for Digital Mailroom Transformation

While it appears many people are returning to the office for work the rest of us are still working from home offices.  It makes it kind of hard to jog down the hallway to the mailroom and see if there’s anything in your letterbox.  It also means somebody doesn’t have to walk around the office… Continue reading Two options for Digital Mailroom Transformation