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Demonstrations & Webinars

We’re looking forward to meeting with you to discuss problems you’re facing in moving documents and data through your organization in the most efficient way possible. Once we have a clear idea of your requirements and desirements and determine we are in a position to help you, we can show you how we can meet your needs with our best of breed products and services. We have some generic demonstrations that show how certain capabilities can meet your needs that may suffice along with an examination of your documents, data, and processes. Sometimes we feel it’s best to demonstrate a potential solution using your documents. All this requires open and honest discussions throughout the consulting and implementation process. We encourage you to engage with us by introducing yourself or looking at some of our videos, documentation, or just contacting us to talk.

CFAxess demonstration video available

CFAxess is our WebDAV based development and runtime solution for developing scripts. Watch our 14 minute demonstration to get a feel for how you could use CFAxess to automate your DocuShare processes for onboarding, building connectors to other systems, invoice processing, managing users and groups, and setting permissions. See how fast and easy it can be to automate processes with Xerox DocuShare, a leading document and content management system used by thousands of organizations around the world. Centralize your content management in an easy to use and administer system that’s versatile and scalable. If you use another WebDAV compliant system we would be interested in hearing whether CFAxess works well with that system.

Transform Accounts Payable Processes with Intelligent Automation

You didn’t hire your accounts payable team just for data entry, chasing down invoices, and manually matching POs. Learn how Automate Intelligent Capture, our intelligent document processing solution, can take the pain out of data extraction, classification and routing to achieve smarter AP processes.
Whether your data is structured (from a spreadsheet, database, or portal), or unstructured (from emails, forms, and invoices), we’ll show you how an intelligent AP automation solution can help you:
  • Capture invoices the minute they arrive
  • Automatically classify documents and separate your invoices from supporting documents
  • Extract header, footer and line-item detail data and share with your AP or ERP solution
  • Electronically route invoices for processing and approval
  • See what invoices are queued for processing and apply strict controls to maintain compliance.
Join us to learn how you can transform your AP processes to save your team hours of manual work, cut back on errors, and save money by avoiding duplicate, late or overcharged invoices.

Our ABBYY FlexiCapture for Invoices video on YouTube

This overview gives you a peek under the hood of ABBYY FlexiCapture for Invoices from both a project builder’s and a user’s point of view. Two custom features are included which show how you can catch duplicate invoices and invoices which have a total greater than the amount allowed by the purchase order. Also covered is our interface with Xerox DocuShare using our DAVupDoc middleware for fast and versatile automated filing. Watch for our video covering how to use DocuShare for approving or rejecting invoices that go over the amount in the purchase order or have no PO# associated with the invoice.