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FS2DS is the fastest and easiest way to upload your content into DocuShare.

> Use command line or GUI from Windows PCs and Windows servers.

> Retains creation and modification dates using the included FS2DS Dater tool.

> Filters out unnecessary and unwanted system and hidden files.

> Works using Content Intake Mode for DocuShare 6.X.

> Uploads in batches with definable chunk sizes; defaults to 2000 files per chunk in one batch.

> If interrupted, you can restart at a specific batch number to avoid having to start all over.

> Easy to setup and use.


There is no trial for this product as you’d likely finish before the trial is over.

FS2DS Datasheet

FS2DS User Guide



Just wanted to let you know how much I’m enjoying the FS2DS utility.  It’s making life so easy!”  (one of our government customers)


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