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SigLite Bluetooth Signature Pad T-S460-BT2-R


The Topaz SigLite™ signature capture touchpad is designed to be both space- and costefficient.  Bundled J2ME software for Blackberry & Cell Phones.  Full Windows and Java support including ActiveX, .NET, Java, C++ Library, all with biometric signatures.

The touchpad sensor reads the pressure of the stylus tip and transmits signature data to the computer at high speed for an easy, accurate electronic signature. SigLite boasts the additional value of Topaz’s powerful bundled software tools and support.  Examples and software plug-ins are bundled with the tablet.  Includes Rechargeable, replaceable long life AAA NiMH batteries and Charger.

Warranty:  1 year, with renewal option


SignatureLite Bluetooth Datasheet


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