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CFAxess demonstration video available

CFAxess is our WebDAV based development and runtime solution for developing scripts.  Watch our 14 minute demonstration to get a feel for how you could use CFAxess to automate your DocuShare processes for onboarding, building connectors to other systems, invoice processing, managing users and groups, and setting permissions.  See how fast and easy it can be to automate processes with Xerox DocuShare, a leading document and content management system used by thousands of organizations around the world.  Centralize your content management in an easy to use and administer system that’s versatile and scalable.  If you use another WebDAV compliant system we would be interested in hearing whether CFAxess works well with that system.

CFAxess – a WebDAV command console


Microsoft’s Exchange Online update could disrupt DocuShare email

If your DocuShare server relies upon Exchange Online for sending notifications of content changes, admin messages, workflow notices, or Email Agent transactions then you should install Hotfix 15 or DocuShare 7.5.0 Patch 2.  Once updated, look to your email configuration settings and select the MS365 OUATH IMAP option.  If you’re not familiar with setting up OAuth 2.0 then refer to your network administrator.  There is no mention of this in the DocuShare Admin Guide.

The DocuShare updates and hotfixes are available for download on the site.  Register for access, if you haven’t already.  Not all content may be accessible to you without opening a case with DocuShare Support.  Be sure to read the notes and recommended requirements before installation or contact us for assistance.   Check your current update status by clicking on About DocuShare at the bottom of any page.


ABBYY FlexiCapture switching to MS Graph Mail API

Microsoft announces the end of Support for Basic Authentication for Microsoft Exchange Online.  Effective October 1, 2022, Microsoft will disable Basic authentication for Outlook, EWS, RPS, POP, IMAP, and EAS protocols in Exchange Online.

If you’re using Basic authentication in your FlexiCapture 12 “Image Import Profiles” setup with the mentioned protocols, it may fail with errors on or after October 1, 2022.  To avoid this, we advise switching your current “Image Import Profile” from IMAP to MS Graph as described in these ABBYY articles …

Step by step instruction of MS Graph Mail API Image Import Profile setup in FlexiCapture 12.

Importing images using Microsoft Graph Mail API.

We encourage you to do your own homework on this issue before taking action.


Prepare your FlexiCapture on-prem installation

ABBYY has informed us that this update to FlexiCapture 12 Release 4 Update 2 will introduce support for OAuth2 for IMAP import, which will allow you to switch back to IMAP protocol.  If your FlexiCapture has any Image Import Profiles that access mailboxes hosted by Microsoft you will be affected if you haven’t already prepared.  If you have an on-premise installation of Flexicapture and you’re using Exchange Online then it would be a good idea to adopt the new methodology and upgrade to FlexiCapture 12 Release 4 Update 2 Patch 1.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your ABBYY representative or raise a ticket with the ABBYY Support Team.  Be sure you’re prepared for the change before you update FlexiCapture.


Scheduled update of ABBYY FlexiCapture Cloud

You may have seen email from ABBYY to inform you that ABBYY FlexiCapture Cloud will be upgraded to version Release 4 Update 2, as shown below:

  • Australia >  October 8, 2022
  • USA >  October 15, 2022
  • Europe >  October 22, 2022

A pre-production environment is already upgraded to Release 4 Update 2, and you can test your projects and scenarios with this new version in there.  If you’e been using the “Preview version” of Release 4 Update 2, we encourage you to update to the full version of that release which you can download from the “Version in pre-production”  section here.

Updating ABBYY FlexiCapture 12.


Windows update could affect DocuShare restart

Diffie-Hellman strikes again!  A recent Windows update could cause your DocuShare server to not start due to a database connection error when your DocuShare’s external SQL Server is updated.  A Windows security update changes the minimum size of the DH key length that DocuShare must respond to.  This affects DocuShare versions 6.6.1 and 7.0.  Version 7.5 has no problem with this.  This is another good reason to stay upgraded.  Russell found a way to update a registry setting to circumvent the limitation on the DocuShare server.  Here’s the change to the Windows Registry you can try at your own risk.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

Bottom line: keep your DocuShare server upgraded and updated.


DocuShare is under new management

I’m dealing with a new set of direct sales reps and managers, so orders are taking several days longer to fulfill as they migrate from their old system to Salesforce.  I’m sure they’ll get that worked out soon.

So, why the change?  Xerox bought a company named CareAR (Care with Augmented Reality) and decided to use it for their technicians in the field.  It’s pronounced “Care-A-R”.  They were so impressed with the product and the company that they bought them and are running them as a subsidiary.  They’re selling the CareAR product line to other companies and moved some other software product lines into that organization including DocuShare.  This is a good time to remind you that they have three lines of DocuShare now.

  • DocuShare 7.5 in Standard and Enterprise editions for on-premise use with a perpetual license.  (Some module prices have gone up a bit.)
  • DocuShare Flex is a cloud offering for small, medium, and large enterprises.
  • DocuShare Go as a cloud offering for small businesses and individuals, but I believe they will scale that up in the future.

DocuShare Flex and DocuShare Go are both subscription based hosted services.

Additional modules for extended capabilities are available for DocuShare 7.5 and DocuShare Flex platforms.  Let us know what you’d like to do.

You’ll find more information at and much more at  Call us if you have questions.

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