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Two options for Digital Mailroom Transformation

While it appears many people are returning to the office for work the rest of us are still working from home offices.  It makes it kind of hard to jog down the hallway to the mailroom and see if there’s anything in your letterbox.  It also means somebody doesn’t have to walk around the office with a cart and deliver it.  If you have a robot to deliver mail around the office, which was quite the rage twenty years ago, it saves you the expense of putting knobby tires on it and an extra large battery so it could get all the way to your house to deliver your mail.  All kidding aside, it’s obviously a good idea to have the mail delivered in a digital form to remote workers.  I am still uneasy about the idea of using email from a major corporation in which you agree to let them parse your email and its contents to profile you.  It’s certainly much better to store the documents in a secure document management system which triggers a simple email notice with a link to easily click and open your mail in a private collection (web folder).

Some of the key benefits would be:

  • Free up space and lower costs of administrative labor, couriers, overnight deliveries, paper storage, and infrastructure investments
  • Prevent lost, misdirected, and hazardous mail
  • Reduce data entry and scanning errors
  • Avoid compliance and privacy issues
  • Increase visibility, accountability, control, and process standardization
  • Accelerate approvals, signatures and cycle times
  • Fulfill customer needs faster with better informed answers


ABBYY FlexiCapture to DocuShare

ABBYY has had a digital mailroom solution for years based upon FlexiCapture.  The basic functionality is to have people open envelopes and scan postcards and flyers into FlexiCapture where it determines who the recipient should be based upon a company employee lookup table.  It would be able to drop the documents(s) into a specific folder that could be on a file share where people go to look for new mail.  If you have DocuShare you can use the content intake functionality to watch each employee’s folder and import it into their personal collection which would trigger notification thereby sending email to let them know that their mail is waiting for them.  There would be a link to the document in the message.  This is easy to set up and results in a secure delivery process.  There still needs to be somebody at a verification station, probably just one person, to make sure that the mail gets delivered to the correct person when the recipient isn’t named.  Secure collections and email notification could also be set up by workgroup or department.

You would generally choose the option to have your document fully OCR’d so that it’s easily searchable by content as well as just by title.  Additional capability and functionality can be found on ABBYY site for mailroom automation.  Of course, FlexiCapture has many other talents that you can use when not processing mail.

FlexiCapture for Mailrooms datasheet


DocuShare Flex with the Mail add-on

Xerox’ subsidiary CareAR that now manages DocuShare has a module called the Mail add-on for their DocuShare Flex platform.  This is designed so somebody can scan these in to an image capture system where software queues it up so that the documents can be easily viewed and directed to where the mail should be filed in DocuShare.  It has the ability to extract names from each document to determine who the document should be delivered to along with the ability to easily override the match or a blank entry to enter a recipient’s email address from a pull-down list or by typing it in.  Documents are typically delivered without being fully OCR’d, but there is an option to submit it for full text search.

If you already have DocuShare and especially if you also have FlexiCapture then consider calling us to help you integrate the Mailroom functionality between the two.  If you don’t already have DocuShare but are interested in automated mailroom processing and have no other need for data capture then consider DocuShare Flex with the mail add-on.


ABBYY FlexiCapture 11 End of Support

ABBYY support for FlexiCapture 11 will end on January 1, 2023. ABBYY FlexiCapture 11 customers who have a current SMUA (Software Maintenance & Upgrade Agreement) can still log incidents and seek help from their VAR or ABBYY Customer Support; however, no product updates, patches, or responses from product or development teams will be provided.

ABBYY FlexiCapture 11 customers who have a current SMUA, can request FlexiCapture 12 licenses by contacting their authorized ABBYY partner.  (If that’s not us, it could be.)  Current SMUA customers will be provided access to the software upgrade at no cost. Customers whose subscription has expired should reach out to us for FlexiCapture 12 subscription pricing.


ABBYY FineReader PDF end of year sale

During our Holidays Offer ABBYY will provide a 30% discount* on the first year of yearly subscription plans for FineReader PDF Standard & Corporate, as well as on the 1-year licenses of FineReader PDF for Mac.

Offer details:

>  Discount: 30%

>  Availability: December 12, 2022 >  December 31, 2022

>  Products:

–  ABBYY FineReader PDF Standard (yearly plan)

–  ABBYY FineReader PDF Corporate (yearly plan)

–  ABBYY FineReader PDF for Mac (1-year license)

ABBYY Vantage 2.3 release

The latest Vantage 2.3 capabilities add something for all user types, from a non-coder to a human reviewer who works with the data being processed.  We’ve introduced several new intelligent document processing (IDP) capabilities, and we have improved both the performance and accuracy of the product.  We’ve also improved several of the existing trained document skills and introduced new document skills, which are all available on the ABBYY Marketplace.

Smarter data extraction from complex tables

Better process design and management

Distribute manual review tasks between different users

New document process flow controls

–  Delegate Manual Review tasks to different users

–  Forward tasks to other users

–  Better exception handling delivers faster processing

Expanded language support and increased accuracy for handwritten text

–  Improved English recognition

–  Added German and French handwritten recognition

–  Multiline handwritten text recognition

Vantage Advanced Designer – new capabilities

–  Create multiple extraction rules in one step of a flow

–  Advanced mode with extended set of element settings

–  Import of labeled documents from FlexiCapture

–  Rotation of images

–  Additional NLP language support

More efficient multi-page document processing to eliminate manual work and accelerate processing

–  Split documents of the same type (e.g., invoices), and annex supporting documents

–  Change order of pages, exclude unnecessary pages

–  Manual review UI supports document assembling with drag-and-drop

New skill assets: solution building blocks

–  1RS Form 990 >  Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax

–  W8 (IMY, EXP, ECI, BEN, & BEN E)

–  W4

–  Business cards ( US & Europe)

–  Resume (CV)

Improved skills

–  Certificate of Origin, purchase orders, invoices

–  Utility bills (includes line Items)

–  Receipts (added support for Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea)

Whether you’re looking for a new scanner or document management tools to make your business more efficient, be sure to shop with us for really good prices and the best side-by-side scanner comparison page anywhere.  You’ll find this and our unique application enablers for DocuShare and ABBYY products on our CriteriaFirst site.

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