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CFAxess 1st year with support & maintenance

Get your DocuShare DSAxess scripts off of your old unsupported server and PC platforms and install CFAxess. CFAxess is a compatible replacement for DSAxess, the key component for DocuShare’s SDK. Commands are the same as those documented in DSAxess, many with enhanced capabilities such as the ability to log in to secure sites and using an LDAP or Active Directory account. 30 day trials are available.


We have customers that have relied upon the DocuShare Windows Client SDK for over fifteen years. With the introduction of DocuShare Drive Xerox’ support for the DSAxess console has been dropped. The DocuShare DSAxess console allowed for a direct WebDAV interface to DocuShare for interogation and to develop scripts to streamline and automate otherwise manual processes. We have customers using this on a daily basis. One of our customers has a complex document assembly process for updating several to many FrameMaker documents using a combination of DSAxess, FrameScript, and C# programs and a database on a SQL Server. DocuShare stores all the necessary files for processing and the PDFs generated in the assembly process. The documents are accessed by technicians in their stations responsible for checking units being received, cleaned, tested, and returned to service. If there’s been an update, the technicians read the updated documentation and sign off that they understand any an all procedural changes to be made in their testing.

The squeeze has come in the manner of no longer being able to run DSAxess on platforms any later than Windows Server 2012, Windows 7, and Windows 8, all of which are being replaced by new server and PC OS versions. Management is requiring platform updates and those running DSAxess have been suffering non-conformance waiting for a solution or workaround. We saw this coming. We have looked everywhere for an SDK or tool set that would replace DSAxess and found none. Xerox has no solution for continuing its use. Instead, they’ve focused on developing new hosted platforms without introducing a means to migrate on-premise DocuShare sites to them.

It is for these reasons that we’d decided to develop CFAxess. CFAxess has been and will continue to be developed by Criteria First to address this issue. It’s a compatible replacement for DSAxess. All the most commonly used features are addressed in version 1.0. Commands are the same as those documented in DSAxess, so you can use Xerox’ documentation and sample scripts, flawed as they are, to learn and support CFAxess. Our documentation will provide additional clarification. Where possible, enhancements are being made such as the ability to log in using an LDAP or Active Directory account. Math calculations can be incorporated into the scripts to avoid having to perform them externally.


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