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Epson WorkForce Network Interface

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Now your scanner has the capability to scan to, and be controlled by, any computer that’s within the same sub-network and has Document Capture Pro software installed. Document Capture Pro comes standard with all compatible scanners. The Epson WorkForce Network Interface works with the following units and can be purchased separately:

WorkForce DS-970
WorkForce DS-870
WorkForce DS-860
WorkForce DS-770
WorkForce DS-570W
WorkForce DS-560
WorkForce DS-530
WorkForce DS-520
WorkForce DS-510
WorkForce DS-1660W
WorkForce DS-1630

Video 01: Epson Network Interface Unit Introduction (1:12)
Video 02: Using Your Scanner with the Network Interface Unit (4:13)
Epson Network Interface Unit Review & Rating |
Epson Network Interface Unit User Guide


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