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Wacom sign&save STU-500

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Capture legally binding electronic handwritten signatures and integrate them into PDF documents. And create a paperless workflow that increases business efficiency. Wacom makes it simple and easy with sign&save.

The sign&save bundle merges Wacom’s sign | pro PDF software with its STU-500 signature tablet into an integrated signature solution. The sign | pro PDF software is easy to install and can be loaded on any Windows®-based PC*. Create PDF documents from any application and capture electronic signatures into the document. Executing contracts and authorizing agreements is quick and efficient. And because the process is all electronic, it eliminates the need to create, scan, or store paper documents.

With the STU-500, sign&save is targeted for desk and counter top usages. With its large and high resolution screen, it is ideal for applications that want to offer a premium signing experience. These additional features of the STU-500 that make it a great fit for business applications:

Pens are cordless, battery-free. Virtually no maintenance and the tablet is not dependent on a pen cord to operate.
Wacom’s patented EMR technology. Performance is not impacted by scratches to the signing surface.
Pressure sensitive pen. Allows the software to capture pen tip pressure during the signature as part of the biometric profile.
Hardened glass surface. Resists scratching and wear.


  • STU-500 LCD signature tablet
  • Cordless, battery-free pen
  • Nylon pen tether
  • USB data cable
  • User Manual
  • sign | pro PDF installation CD

So how does sign&save work? It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…

Step 1:
Create PDF Document.

The sign | pro PDF software includes a PDF printer, so even if your source document is not a PDF it can easily be converted into a PDF.


Step 2
Sign the PDF Document.

You, your customer, or your clients sign on the STU-500 signature tablet just like they would on paper, but the signature is captured electronically. With the combined features of Wacom’s signature tablet and software, the signed document is binding. Biometric data is recorded and saved as part of the signature.


Step 3
Save Your Document.
Save the document for record keeping or distribution. The document is Adobe Acrobat compatible, so it can be viewed by any standard PDF viewer.

The saved document is also locked and protected (via cryptographic hash). Any subsequent change to the document will be detected and results in the signature being invalidated.

*: sign | pro PDF software is supported on Windows® systems running XP SP2 or higher.


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